Monday, November 7, 2011

La musica

When I write, I have to have background noise. If it's not television (currently, I have season one of "Miami Vice" playing) or movies that I'm familiar enough with to where I don't really have to pay to much attention, I have iTunes on. I don't know how many other writers do this, but I have playlists. I usually have a general idea of what I'm going to be writing - an action scene, a romantic rendezvous, whatever - so I go through my library and try to select songs that has that feel to it. 

Since starting my series of short stories, I had a really loooooooooong list of about 300 songs, but I recently sat down and came up with "seasons," coinciding with the particular series I associate it with. And as I'm right now getting series one started, I have that playlist on the brain.

1) Simple and Clean (Kingdom Hearts theme) - Utada Hikaru
2) All That She Wants (Banghra Version) - Ace of Base
3) Voices - Russ Ballard
4) Mona Lisa Overdrive - Juno Reactor
5) Armory - Don Davis
6) Chinese Burn - Curve
7) Zero - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
8) Willow and Oz - Christophe Beck
9) Anger - Ryuichi Sakamoto
10) Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event - Deftones
11) Hummingbirds - Venus Hum
12) Two Boomers - Battlestar Galactica
13) Keep Hope Alive - The Crystal Method
14) Halo Theme (MJOLNIR Mix) - Martin O'Donnell & Michael Salvatori

I'm also that nerd who might burn these songs onto a CD and listen to them in her car (because my old-ass vehicle doesn't have MP3 capabilities. I said I MIGHT burn them. No, YOU did. I really do want to get other songs added to this list, but none strike my fancy just yet. I'll just do some browsing on the iTunes store. 

What do you guys do for inspiration? 
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