Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have a Happy Santamoose!

Okay, so I'm in several online communities that are pretty damned awesome, but one of them really just takes the cake in its kickass-ness. It's a space where I feel welcome and where my quirkiness is appreciated. And this year, I took part in Santamoose: basically a Secret Santa project, where you're paired with one of the other participating members. I went all out, too. My recipient got a Joann's giftcard (she's a big quilter), a quilting basket, quilting books, chocolates, some homemade soaps (made by yours truly!), and a stuffed animal. I may have gone a little overboard, but I absolutely love giving gifts.

And then I got MY gift in the mail on Saturday. Oh, the SPOILS.

On the card, she said she was a little worried that she hadn't done a good job since she usually bakes for people (I am lactose intolerant and have gluten allergies), but there was no cause for worry here. I mean, I got AWESOME loot. I've been needing a new journal and you can't go wrong with chocolates, especially ones that have chili peppers in them. Here are close-ups of the necklace and earrings:

The necklace is made from an old Scrabble tile :D, and they're both made by local artisans. Everything about this set of gifts is that it was so thoughtful and it made me so thankful for my group of friends. This holiday season is getting off to a great start!
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