Monday, December 12, 2011

I've been doing a lot of writing lately, mainly getting the first series (of five) of short stories ready for final editing and publishing, and my brain is a little fried. So yesterday, I kind of just let my mind wander as the husband and I helped our friends move into their new place. Of course, my characters were still at the front of my thought process, and I recalled talking to Three about a comic series he did in high school that was basically a parody of his social atmosphere. I found it hilarious to think of my characters being forced to work where I do and I started down this spiral of comical situations that left me giggling to myself nearly all day. I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason my friend's mom thought that I was verifiably insane.

So now I'm trying to write down everything I can put to paper so I will remember it once I get everything somewhat settled. And I'd love to make a comic out of it. Almost like a Ranma 1/2 sort of thing, combined with Office Space and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Like always, it's putting a lot on my plate, but the holidays are coming up and so I actually have time off. I may even be able to actually get shit accomplished.

Well, at least that's what I'm hoping. Fingers are crossed.
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