Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oolong tea DOES things to me.

I don't know what it is. I love all teas, really, from yerba mates to bold black teas. But then someone wafts the delicate scent of an oolong, and all other drinks are forsaken.

Such was today. I was all sorts of Spastic Cleaning Housework Girl today, doing about 15 loads of laundry (don't ask) and getting our bathroom spotless, when suddenly I had the urge to just brew a cup of tea. I have a bunch of teabags from various companies and had nearly settled on my staple Yorkshire, but then I saw the tin of jasmine oolong that I had bought from Teavana nearly six months ago. Sure, I had splurged at the time, but GOD, Teavana's sales people had me sold at the first wave of the tea's aroma that hit my face. I put the recommended 1 tbsp in my tea ball and let it steep. It was so worth it.

For the first time today, I sat down on the couch and just relaxed. It got me thinking about this past year, this weird transitional year that kept me guessing at every turn. It wasn't a horrible 365 some odd days, I suppose. I celebrated my one-year anniversary with my awesome husband. I got closer with my parents. I adopted two adorable kitties to keep Zola company during the day (and they are quite amusing to watch interact). But it wasn't without it's problems, as to be expected. Three nearly went into the hospital and then left his job about two months later; my car went kaput because it's a cheaply made car and I got exactly what I paid for (although I still owe on the stupid thing); my job stressed me out nearly to the breaking point. As my last post said, we hit financial troubles and had to ask for help.

Then, mainly because I didn't want to get too depressed, I switched to focusing on next year and all the hopes I have for it. I think I've mentioned it before, but if I haven't, here goes: Three and I found this adorable little country house about an hour away from where we currently live and it's perfect. A bit of a fixer-upper on some land, which would allow me my little goat flock. And our mortgage would be about $300 less each month than our rent. Of course, there will be other expenditures, but I am A-OK with that. Three just started a job in the same little town (because we are PLANNERS, damnit), so we already have an actual reason to move out there, and I was able to find a job to apply for that uses my college degree and pays decently. Actually, it would pay me more than my current job, so that's a bonus, too. There's just so much that could happen for me and for us that it gives me the tingles every time I think about the new year.

I finally finished my cup of oolong and let out a deep, contented sigh. Here's to 2012. Welcome, and be sure to kick 2011's ass.
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