Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I am officially a horrible person.

You know when you get on Facebook and you're sifting through your feed, and you run across something that just makes you realize that you, quite possibly, are one of the worst human beings on the planet? Yeah.

It's a normal thing after a long day for me just to mindlessly read posts about politics, Community or Parks and Rec updates, at LOLcats until I'm ready to write or exercise or, hell, just take the puppy for a walk. It was no different today, except that I saw a picture that just made me cringe: the ugliest baby that I have ever seen.

In my work, I see all sorts of kids. Most of them are pretty cute, but there are some that are just ... not. Squished faces, hair everywhere, etc. But this one on Facebook? Even worse than the ones I see in person. Maybe it was just a bad shot. I don't know, but I found myself saying, "God, what an ugly child. I hope my kid doesn't look like that when I finally have it."

And then I felt horrible. Absolutely HORRIBLE. Because it's a damned baby. Something that a woman birthed and loves and wants to grow up to be the president. Or happy. Or whatever. And I just judged it because it was ugly (this remains true; I just feel bad about it).

I have the highest hopes for this child, that it will grow up to be awesome, fulfilled, and nerdy, and that it will never know that I called it ugly. And I really have nothing else to say because my brain is fried. It's been a long day. Hopefully, I won't dream of ugly babies tonight.
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