Saturday, June 30, 2012

I've been on a writing frenzy for the past few days. Maybe it's because I decided my job sucks and that I need to find one that doesn't make me want to throttle people through walls. Or maybe it's because I've had plenty of sleep after about a week of insomnia and my brain needed that extra charge to be creative. I don't really know, but it's been awesome. I've actually been able to figure out plot points that I've been having the hardest fucking time reconciling with the rest of the series. I've even gotten a domain name for "The Legion," the link to which I'll post here once I get the site ready to go.

And it's apparently been "Unfuck Your Habitat" at my apartment, because I cannot seem to stop cleaning or organizing (when I'm not writing, of course). My kitchen, while not spotless - because who am I kidding, spotless? HA - has rhyme and reason to how it's set up. I even hung up POTS, for God's sake. I am still not inviting my mother over until it looks like it's been at least a few weeks since a tornado instead of right after, but it's progress.

It really is amazing how much the light at the end of the tunnel will do to someone's psyche. August 31st is looking like this oasis of sorts - several miles away, but doable. And my camel hasn't yet decided that it hates me and it probably wants the water there, too.
Camels are awesome. Not as awesome as their cousin, the alpaca, but pretty fucking close. LOOK AT THAT FACE. It just says, "Ride me into the desert!"* Or possibly, "Smoke cigarettes. Don't you wanna be cool like me?"**
Even the people at work have noticed a distinct change in my demeanor. Most of them don't know that I'm leaving yet, though, so I think they assume I've found Jesus. The ones that do know are like, "GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!!" or "OMG I'M SO JEALOUS!!" Once I sent my resignation email, my supervisor spent the next two days trying to convince me that I was making a mistake. He is the only one. And after looking at the next two month's schedule? Shit. Even with no new clients (yay, being a lead caseworker), the sheer number of recertifications is frightening.

Now, this is not to say that there aren't a few things I'm going to miss about the place. I've met some incredible people there (you know who you are and I will stalk you daily, in a non-creepy way), and there are several clients that I'm actually sad I won't be seeing again. At least, not in a SNAP/TANF/Medicaid capacity. There's one that cracks me up and, during our "interviews," we end up joking and complaining about QVC or something.

For the most part, though, I'm counting down the days until freedom. Because then I can basically do the very things that I have been doing, like in the first paragraph. I don't think that I'll never be bored or sad or whatever, because that's just life. But at least it will be on my terms for the most part. And I won't ever have to listen to the phrase: "Where my food stamps be at?"***
Oddly enough, there weren't too many Mel Gibson as William Wallace images on Google Image Search. But there were PLENTY of American flags.
* Not in a sexual way. I'm not okay with bestiality.
** P.S.A. Do not start smoking, kids. You will turn into a giant phlegm monster. Don't listen to the camel.
*** Before you get all THAT'S RACIST on me, the majority of people that I hear say this just happen to be white people.
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