Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I severely want a camper trailer. It goes back to that Disney cartoon, where Donald, Mickey, & Goofy are on another wacky adventure in one:

That thing is deceptively small, at least in cartoon world.

Anyway, I think the only thing - other than money, which yeah, is kind of a big deal - that is keeping me from going to Craigslist and buying the hell outta one is that the only car we have is even smaller than the camper trailer will probably be. Don't let Goofy's tiny car fool you - he lives in a cartoon, where it also appears you can use quilting supplies to patch up crap tires. And his car probably has more power than Chiquita, the poor Aveo with a dimpled bottom (courtesy of Three running over two retreads).

And I think I've come across one that I really, really want:

Courtesy of ruffledblog.com
I don't know if I'd call her "Constance," though. Maybe ... Ondine? Or Viola. Something old-timey. Either way, the camper is very much obviously at least 1.5 times (if not more) than Chiquita.

Sigh. Who wants to buy me a bigger car??
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