Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm baaaaaaaack!

After spending five days in my hometown of Biloxi, MS, and its neighbor, Ocean Springs, I learned a few things.

One, tents are most likely not suited for any type of tropical storm, no matter what the label might say.

Two, fire ants will always find a way into your tent for whatever reason and then spend the night, biting your husband's ass.

Three, cats are just as needy as dogs, if not more so.

Four, Biloxi and Ocean Springs are my favorite places in the world.

Five, Southern culture is baffling, even if you hail from it.

Six, not all state parks are shitty. Some have surprisingly nice bathroom facilities, complete with air conditioning and never-ending hot showers.

Seven, Three is terrified of sharks. We're talking full-grown phobia.

That essentially covers my entire vacation. Sigh. And now the REAL work begins.

Three told me that he wanted me to take a whole two weeks off after my last day at DHS. I had fully intended to stay in the Lazy Zone for the full fourteen days, but I really should have known better. I got antsy and have been playing far too many video games*. I am just about to complete the Lego Harry Potter, Years 5 - 7, and that shit takes a lot of time. I mean, going through the whole fucking castle, looking for little red and gold blocks that are hidden?? Lego knows me too well.

So I decided that I should probably try and get actual work done. I've cleaned (using the UFYH method, mostly) and have a little work space set up for myself.

As you can see, Kitkat has already decided that this is her spot. Asshole cat.
I've got a little corkboard on the wall with a calendar, like I'm some sort of responsible self-employed person. It's weird. I'm getting a bunch of posts here ready to go - obviously not now, since I'm sitting here, talking to you people - which include the list above. Also, did you know that setting up a webpage is hard??

Ha, like I said, the real work begins.

* If anybody wants to look me up on Xbox, my name on there is jujujuniper. Three plays matchmaking on Reach a lot under jujujuniper, though, so don't think that I'm the asshole who jumps up out of nowhere to assassinate you.
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