Friday, January 18, 2013

I am excited.

Okay, kind of to distract me from the shittiness of landlords, towed cars, and the possibility that I'm getting sick, I'm proudly announcing the new website I created through Wordpress for my short story/novella series, "The Legion." It's called A Million More to Go, and it's still in the beginning stages. I'm going to be updating the template/layout/etc. over time, but I wanted to get it started. As of right now, I have two character bios, a short history of how "The Legion" came to be, and some of the material that you can be expecting to see.

This whole project is such a labor of love for me, since I'm producing the whole thing, artwork, writing, everything. I just recently completely finished the first story in the series and it's going to be ready for Kindle/Nook by early next week. I've been on this sort of euphoric high for a while now, even with a fever and nausea (and yeah, I should stop kidding myself - I'm sick, guys). I have this feeling of, "Yes, I can DO this."

I've kind of been on an emotional roller coaster over the past few months, trying to decide if dedicating my entire life to my writing career is something I should really do. Little voices are all, "BE RESPONSIBLE" and "LOOK AT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT BALANCE," and of course, the ever present "PEOPLE WILL NOT LIKE YOUR WORK." I know that I can't just walk out, show some shit on the internet, and expect that I will be InstaSuccess (TM). The world just doesn't work that way. But slight setbacks and writer's block have sent me into the sad closet of despair. Luckily for me, I have one of the most supportive partners a person could ask for, so Three, for that? You get to have TWO orgasms tonight. Well, later. When I'm not sick and sneezing on you.

Anyway, go check out the website if you wish and let me know what you guys think! Right now, I'm going back to my bed with my hot water bottle, glass of juice, and "Deerskin" by Robin McKinley.
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