Wednesday, April 17, 2013

An Open Letter

Dear Assholes Who Stole Money from Me and Three to Buy Alcohol in Canada*:

I know that your actions aren't even close to those of the perpetrator(s) in Boston, and ultimately, complaining about such an insignificant thing seems, quite frankly, insipid. I actually wondered if I should even address the issue, especially in light of the shittiness that was Monday, but I decided that I might as well just get it off of my chest. Because I'm actually more angry than I thought I was.


Let's get the trivial stuff aside. The husband and I had plans this past weekend. They weren't big plans - just a cheap sushi dinner - but they were plans. The past few months have been incredibly hard for us, particularly since I rarely get to see Three. For a while there, he was working six twelve-hour shifts a week, and then Sunday, his only day off, he slept the whole day, just to prepare for the following week. Thankfully, his bosses decided that they were being assholes and shortened his work week (and his fellow press operators) to five twelve-hour shifts with weekends off to recharge and, well, be with his wife. But because you chose to steal over $100 from us, we couldn't do that. Plus, add the stress of realizing, "Oh, shit, we have a lot less money than we thought," and then having to cancel our accounts and try to figure out who withdraws directly from us ... well, we didn't really get to spend much time together.

So, thanks for that.

Then there's the fact that you spent it on fucking alcohol. I mean, really? Really?? Do you realize that we use that money to pay for bills and try to save what we can (which right now isn't much)? Right now, Three is wearing shitty work boots that are about to fall apart and hurt his feet (he is on his feet for his entire 12-hour shift, in case you were wondering) because we can't afford to go buy him new ones. We don't go out ever because we want to preserve what little money we have so, later on, we won't have to live paycheck to paycheck. I could have handled it better if you'd bought, oh, food or paid an outstanding utility bill. But instead, you shit on my good will and buy a vice.

And also, really? Have fun with those two bottles (or maybe three, if you got the cheap shit) of liquor you got. Totally worth it?

I guess what really gets me, though, is that what you did was a violation. I mean, sure, it's only money, and yes, once our bank can prove that we did, in fact, not purchase alcohol from Canada and that this is, in fact, fraudulent spending, we will be reimbursed, but what actually makes you think that this is okay? Was it for the thrill of being a thief? Was it to prove your coolness to your friends? Was it just because you are a shitty person? I just don't understand it. I don't want to understand someone who is so callous as to take from someone who has essentially nothing.

Oh, and also, USAA's fraud department is awesome. So get ready to feel paranoid.



* Did you know that you can buy alcohol online if you're in Canada? Methinks this may need to change.
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