Monday, April 1, 2013

I have missed having a kitten.

Esther a.k.a. Little Shit
So we were adopted this weekend by a scared little four-month-old kitten that was being attacked by two tomcats (you can see the scratches on her nose). It was actually a little strange, seeing as I had just started using my office that morning (it's had boxes and all sorts of shit stored in it), and only fifteen minutes after I sat down in front of my computer, I saw this little white blur out of the corner of my eye. When I focused, this little thing was staring at me and mewing, so of course, I turned into putty. Because ... kitten, duh. Before I could get to the door, I heard this horrible yowl, and I saw two tomcats approaching her. One lunged at her, and she went into this flail-y attack mode out of desperation. There was no way she could have defended herself against them. So I start yelling and scare them away, thinking that the kitten would bolt, too, but nope. She gets all wide-eyed and trots over to me, her little nose bleeding from where one of the tomcats scratched her. I pick her up and carry her inside, much to the consternation of Kitkat and Bina. Well, mostly Kitkat, who kind of tolerates everyone who isn't Three*. After cleaning up her nose, I bring her into my office, where I set up a little box of litter and a bowl of food, which she gobbles up. And honestly, it looks like she hadn't eaten anything in about a week.

And then she started playing with me and I was like OK YOU ARE MINE.

Now, it was not my intention to keep her. Two cats and a dog is ... well, stinky is one word. It's manageable now that we're in a house instead of our rat ass apartment, but I already hate cleaning out the shit and piss of two cats. But I connected with this little thing. When I called Three to warn him that he now had another child, he was actually really sweet about it. And then he suggested that we call her Esther (because calling her Easter, in honor of the weekend we found her, just seemed a little too hipster), although I'd already taken to calling her Little Shit. I figured I would probably get lots of judgment at the vet's office for naming her Little Shit, so I was like, "Alrighty then. Esther it is."

As we speak, the super-excitable ball of energy is sleeping on my lap because of all the OMGILOVEEVERYTHING jumping around that she's done all day, and even though I kinda have to pee, I don't want to get up. I'm liking this reprieve from all the activity.

Well, shit, she's awake again. I best go try and hide the rest of my hair ties.

* Their relationship is actually really cute. She follows him around everywhere and gets mad when he doesn't pay attention to her. She even tries to sit on him when he's in the bath.
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