Monday, May 20, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 17: Thing I Hate That Everyone Else Loves

Back on Day 4, I combined 4 & 17 because they were the same, and I would have been repeating myself. That, to me, is dirty, dirty cheating. So for today, I'm going to be bitching about the Cheese Man.
"Restless," my favorite episode of the entire series, was a sequence of the dreams of Willow, Xander, Giles, and Buffy after they "joined" in the penultimate episode of Season Four to defeat Adam, one of the weakest villains of BtVS.
4 RLZ H8 U
But I digress: only two things were common in the four dreams.

  1. The First Slayer
  2. The Cheese Man

Joss explained the Cheese Man was supposed to represent the random parts of dreams that otherwise have no explanation or deeper meaning in the narrative. As a person who dreams, I accept that. As a viewer, however, I do not. I have always really enjoyed surrealistic films on both a personal and artistic level, so when I start watching one, I completely immerse myself in the experience. A lot of effort is involved. Every time that jackass popped up on screen with his damned plate of cheese during "Restless," my concentration was broken and I'd yell at him to get the hell off my TV. The payoff, I guess, was supposed to be at the end, when Buffy referenced the Cheese Man, saying that at least the others didn't have to deal with the guy with the cheese, and everybody exchanged these awkward glances. Hilarious!
It's just hilarious, I tell you.
But then again, I am lactose-intolerant, so maybe I'm just experiencing transference.
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