Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 20: Favorite Spike-Centric Episode

"Lies My Parents Told Me"
There's so much about this episode that I like that it kind of doesn't seem fair to say that it's only because of Spike, and it's in Season Seven, which I know, what? The worst season ever? But it's true. It has great character development, particularly when it comes to Spike, obviously, but also with Buffy, Giles, and Robin. Buffy reveals that she'd let Dawn die if it meant saving the world, showing a tremendous growth as a warrior (and leader) from her near fanatic devotion to keeping her sister alive in the fifth season. Giles once again believes that he must do the worst aspects of fighting a war so Buffy won't have to do them, or can't, in this case, since Buffy cannot kill Spike out of a sense of obligation to the good in the man. Robin has some serious mommy issues, mostly due to the fact that his mother chose her job over him.
Thankfully, Robin was a little too young to have sexual overtones with his mom.
Watching Spike's mother emotionally mutilate him was some of the most beautiful television ever. The First knows how to fuck with people (and God WHY WASN'T THIS SEASON'S BAD GUY MORE AWESOME LIKE THIS), and to see Spike have this realization about himself - that he still felt guilty over turning his mother into a vampire out of selfishness - was just glorious. Painful, but glorious. 
"Early one mooooorning -" and that's all that I remember of the song.
The symmetry of the episode is also one of my favorites, with both Nikki and Buffy stating, "The mission is what matters," and then both Giles and Robin get the door slammed in their faces, literally in the former's case and figuratively in the latter's. "Lies My Parents Told Me" is one of the most perfectly written episodes, with no extraneous bits and pieces and annoying Potentials (they were only in there for like a second, which pleased me so). This is the kind of episode that I wish every major character got as a send-off, but I guess we all have our unanswered prayers. 
This actually kind of creeps me out, since well, Spike's relationship with Buffy is already problematic and ew.

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