Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 21: Favorite Willow-Centric Episode

I don't think I could "meh" this topic enough. Honestly, after the fourth season, Willow started to lose my interest, and not a lot of episodes prior to that were Willow-centered, unless you count "I Robot You Jane" and ugh, let's not go there. I suppose Season Four's Oz-has-sex-with-Veruca-and-Willow-gets-sad fest could count as Willow-centric, but those episodes are really more about Oz, anyway. Then there's Six's ridiculous magic addiction episodes, and nope, no, thank you. Season Seven's only truly Willow episode is "The Killer in Me," and I really, really hate that episode. For reasons*.
I never realized how much I disliked Willow in later seasons until I started doing this challenge.
So I guess the only choice is really "Something Blue," which is my favorite only because I dislike the others with a fiery passion. What's interesting here is that I am far more interested in what's happening to the other characters - Giles goes blind, Buffy and Spike get engaged, Xander attracts all the demons - than I am with Willow, for the most part. I think her being courted by D'Hoffryn was a great bit of foreshadowing to her vengeful pursuits in the sixth season after Tara's death (as well as her abandoned attempt at harming Oz and Veruca after the above mentioned sexing), and her inadvertently shifting Amy out of her rat form (and back again) was hilarious. But she was in no way the most entertaining portion of this episode, which has to go to Sarah Michelle Gellar's giddy performance as a Vampire Wife.
Although thank GAWD that hair was just a temporary thing.
And with that, I'm done. Which is sad, because I really loved Willow in the first half of the series, before she became so self-involved that she became unrelateable. It's a pity.

* Like really, this episode should have been about the guilt that she and Tara never really reconciled the fact that, oh, Willow violated her, but instead is all about how Willow feels guilty for moving on. Alyson Hannigan just kills it with her crying and being a great actress, but that doesn't make up for the fact that this is the most selfish story arc the writers could have chosen.
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