Monday, May 6, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 6: Least Favorite Female Character

You know what? Lindsay Crouse is a perfectly fine actress. I looked at her IMDB page and even went to Wikipedia to find out more about her. Did you know she was once married to David Mamet? And that her father was one of the Sound of Music writers? It's all true. And she seems like a professional, dedicated to perfecting her craft.
She also had awesome Farrah hair at one point in her career. 
But I really hated Professor Maggie Walsh, not really due to Crouse's performance, but because the actual character was just kind of an asshole. I mean, part of this, I'm sure, is due to me not even coming close to having a T in my Myers-Briggs typology*, so the idea of doing something (i.e. building a demon-human-cyborg hybrid) just for giggles and shits without really applying any kind of morality - or just "should we" - to it makes her actions foreign to me.
"Well, this is not how this was supposed to go."
Plus, she's not really further developed past this. Walsh is just this scientist bitch whose only reason for "caring" about Riley Finn is because he's yet another one of her experiments, and I think Whedon made her a psychology professor just so Buffy could have this line:
"You know, for someone who teaches human behavior, you might try showing some."
I'm also a bit skeptical that a psychology professor would be doing anything like building one of the aforementioned cyborg things, but what do I know?
I have a white coat on, so I must be an MD.
Anyway, she's also a jerk to Giles in one episode, and that just kind of did it for me. She didn't really have a reason to be dismissive of him, but then again, she was dismissive of pretty much everyone. That was pretty much her characterization: dismissive, smart, amoral, also bitch.
This is my face all season. Except that time I was attacked by a werewolf that I thought was a wild dog.
Maybe if she was further developed, I'd have more reasons as to why I hated her - or maybe I'd actually have liked her. Who knows? Joss just decided to let her be as one-dimensional as a one-shot villain, and even some of those were given much more to work with. It's like Joss was like, "Meh, I had the really complex villain last season that everyone fucking loved. I have every right to be lazy for this one." Well, I hope you enjoyed your vacation, Mr. Whedon.
The only thing I know for certain is that is Lindsay Crouse. On, and also that I want to wear that outfit at least once in my life.

* I'm an ISFP, in case you were wondering. I scored pretty close to the median on all but the F. I'm firmly in Camp F and can not even function as a T. Ts baffle me.
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