Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 8: Favorite Friendship

I really should just make an entire website dedicated to all things Anya, because yay, she makes another appearance here.
Any and Spike
Despite the fact that they later have a sexual encounter, their relationship is pretty much all platonic, all the time. Even their sexytimes was based on a mutual respect of each other and a desire to help the other deal with some pretty deep-seated personal pain (Anya was left at the altar by Jackturd Xander and Buffy had just ended her sexual relationship with Spike). They just get each other in ways that the other Scoobies just cannot, and Spike has even said that he always appreciated how she always spoke her mind without much thought to anything else.
Any reason to use this gif is reason enough for me.
Their stories parallel each other pretty well, actually. They both become regulars in season four, and ha, (SPOILER ALERT) they both die in the series finale, although Spike is mysteriously resurrected in LA to join the cast of Angel, and no, I've actually never watched Angel, so I don't know how all of that fits in. It's on my to-do list, okay?
Anya, your haaaiiiiiiirrrrr. What is that even?
Both have pretty vicious demonic sides that gradually get tempered by learned humanity. Anya is forced to live as a human not once but twice; the first time was thanks to DoppleGiles and the second came from the affable, yet admittedly evil D'Hoffryn. The only difference between the two is that Anya, like I said in my favorite female character post, chose to define herself as a singular entity as opposed to her previous method, identifying herself by who she was dating or by what her job was at the time. Spike, on the other hand, decides to retrieve his humanity after he brutally attempted to rape Buffy (God, the absolute hardest scene I have ever watched on television - well, after That Scene in BSG where Athena was being raped aboard the Pegasus - ugh shudder) so he can be a better man. The end result, for both of them, is that they end up being complete people, and it's at least partially to blame on the people with whom they fell in love.
That's only, like, one point in Xander's pro column. 
Anyway, because I live in a world where my head-canon exists, I like to imagine that these two got together often just to relive their glory days as Badass Demon Types or just to complain about the people who'd always been humans. If I were Anya, I'd constantly bitch about Xander trying to keep me from talking so frankly about sex, and if I were Spike, I'd reminisce about the many ways in which I'd killed people without having a chip send shooting pain through my body. I actually think they probably had those "OMG I WAS THERE TOO!" moments, particularly in the first part of the twentieth century. Then again, I may be overthinking this.
I would love to get drunk with these two. We'd complain about Xander for hours
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