Friday, June 21, 2013

Oh, nostalgia ...

College was such an interesting time for me. There are a lot of things I wish that I had done - gotten involved in more extracurricular activities like the radio station or the literary magazine, been to parties (hahaha this is only kind of true because I actually loathe parties but still), gone to a different university, took more art classes, etc. - but for the most part,  I enjoyed the four years I spent at MTSU. One of the fun aspects? MYSPACE SURVEYS. What? I got writer's block today and this sounded like fun.

1) Real Name:

2) Like It?

3) Single or Taken?

4) Zodiac Sign:

5) Male or Female:

6) Age:

7) Height:

8) Lucky Number:

9) Eye Color:

10) Hair Color:

11) Long or Short:

12) Marital Status:

13) Are you a health freak?

14) Height:
What? I already answered this one, so I made up my own question and answered it.

15) Do you have a crush on someone?

16) Do you like yourself?

17) Piercings:

18) Tattoos:

19) Righty or Lefty:

20) Favorite Color:

21) Least Favorite Color:


22) First Kiss:

23) First Piercing:

24) First Best Friend:

25) First Award:

26) First Sport:

27) First Pet:

28) First Vacation:

29) First Car:

30) First Crush:


31) What time is it?

32) Where are you?

33) Wish:

34) About to ...

35) Listening to ...

36) Waiting for ...

37) Wearing ...

38) Annoyed about ...

39) Eating ...

40) Drinking ...


41) Want kids?

42) Want to get married?

43) Careers in mind?

44) Dream car?


My answer to ALL of these:

45) Lips or eyes?

46) Hugs or kisses?

47) Shorter or taller?

48) Tanned skin or light?

49) Romantic or spontaneous?

50) Dark or light hair?

51) Built, fat, muscular, skinny, or normal?

52) Hook up or relationship?

53) Similar to you or different?

54) Troublemaker or hesitant?

Okay so there were about fifty more questions, but I got bored and realized that I am officially happy that I no longer do these surveys.
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