Saturday, June 1, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 25: Favorite Buffyverse Saying

I think the entire compilation of Anya's sayings could be my personal script, but then again, you all knew that, considering my unabashed love for the character. However, there's one that I use in regular conversation that both amuses and confuses everyone who isn't familiar with the show.
"Take it easy, Joan."
Well, it's either that or "I feel compelled to take some vengeance on you." Both are from the same episode, "Tabula Rasa," which is up there in my favorite episodes list.
OMG VAMPIRES WHAT DO WE DO! (Also, Spike's expression is the best.)
For those of you not familiar with the episode, everyone just found out that Buffy had been ripped from heaven by their spell, and Willow, in her all-knowing brilliance, decided that, instead of letting Buffy deal with her problems in a constructive way, she should just do a spell that makes her forget. This decision was also made after she promised Tara that, for a week, she would abstain from magic use in hopes to keep their relationship going. As is customary, the spell goes awry and leaves the entire crew with no memory of who or what they are. It's probably one of the best comedic episodes of the series, despite the dire tone of Buffy coming back against her will, Giles leaving, Willow and Tara fighting, Dawn stealing, Xander and Anya realizing their relationship is doomed, etc. Add in one of the worst, most literal demons in the series - a loan shark that's is a) a real shark (well, a guy with a shark head) and b) out to get Spike because he owes him kittens.
Oh, James Marsters, never change.
Anyway, "Joan" is the name that Buffy chose for herself, and Anya did what she usually does: took things at face value and went with it.
Also, to her credit, she maintained her fear of bunnies (which she summoned, along with the green clouds and a lion she feared would eat her engagement ring, while trying to figure out how to remove the spell that caused them to lose their memories). Damn, that's a long caption.
As far as the second quote, Anya - who believed that she was engaged to Giles because she had a ring and they owned and operated the Magic Box together, based on the paperwork they found - was fighting with her "fiance" and discovered that he had purchases a one-way ticket back to England, which Giles presumed was to escape her. And, being truly Anya, she responded by threatening with vengeance. Like you do.

Ha, and now I just have to go watch "Tabula Rasa." THANKS, INTERNET.
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