Monday, June 24, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 28: Character You Love to Hate

I do serious hate-watching in Season Five (and some of Season Four) so I can sit and complain about Riley. It's true. Ask my husband. He comes on screen and I just start seething. However, this would just be a rehash of my least favorite male character, so I suppose I'll have to pick another character, and I think I'm going with this lovely:
Faith Lehane
Now, she made it hard for me to totally hate her, especially when I saw how gleeful she was when she was treated like a person who matter by Mayor Wilkins, but there were some episodes where I was just like, "GOD, BUFFY JUST KILL HER ALREADY." For example:

  1. When she tried to remove Angel's soul.
  2. When she shot Angel with a poison arrow.
  3. When she took over Buffy's body and tormented her friends (and Spike).
  4. When she didn't know what Achilles' heel meant and made it a point to sound really stupid. 

I get that she's damaged and that she hasn't had the best hand dealt to her, which is part of the reason that I can't bring myself to place her in the Riley category of loathing, but sometimes I feel like Whedon was just pushing the envelope on how to make a future-redeemable character. Like with Bela in "Supernatural," except that was a completely failed experiment and they undid their mistake by killing her offscreen. Faith nearly got to that point with me, and I must say that, in the comics, I quite like her. I am not a fan of the writers attempting to sound "edgy" with her speech - calling Giles "G" and always ending with "you know?" but I tend to let that slide, since she does have a very complex, well-planned arc that mirrors Buffy AND Angel at the same time.
I do this IRL.
Sorry, fangirling. I'm back now.
Faith and Spike: making it hard for me to keep cigarette-free.
Ugh and this has me thinking that maybe this isn't really a love-to-hate situation so much any longer. Dammit, I have failed. Oh, well.
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