Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Well, THAT was crazy.

I'm fairly sure that the past four weeks of my life have been the most random, amazing, amusing, and frustrating ones of my life, and I'm a little mad that I had placed a moratorium on computer use during that time. Because seriously? Guys. GUYS. 

First and foremost, Little Shit aka Bitty aka Esther is in heat, and it is HILARIOUS. I keep meaning to do a Vine post just documenting all the things that she is in love with, which includes (but is not limited to) the following: my shoe, Zola's tail, all the doors, Three's underwear (whether he's wearing them or not), my face, and most importantly, the cucumber I pulled out of the fridge this afternoon. Make of that what you will. And she's so incredibly vocal right now, which is what the internet tells me is normal, but that does not make it any less annoying and hysterical. She is normally quite talkative, anyway, being that she has Siamese in her, but she chirps to herself now when she isn't wailing into the night/day/whenever, all the while adjusting her ass into a cat penis-receptive position and looking back at me like, "Um, hello? I have needs." We will be getting her spayed soon, but really, this is so entertaining that it's almost worth having to fight her at the door when she tries to escape. 

Anyway, I also showed some of my artwork this past weekend at Nashville's Hypericon, which was such a great experience. After I published my last novella, I set straight to work on some watercolors because that's apparently my niche. I just simply cannot get into working with acrylics, and I didn't have any oil supplies; plus, I'm getting the hang of the medium and have a ton of fun with it. So win/win. I did a whole series called "Elementals" of which I'm actually quite proud; I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to them. The whole thing was kind of surreal, because I'd never shown anything at a show before, and while I didn't sell anything (which wasn't the point, anyway), I walked away with a lot more knowledge under my belt. I had spent nearly forty-five minutes before leaving to go hang up my stuff that, yes, I did want to go through with the show and OMG STOP BEING SUCH A NINNY. It's hard to get out there and actually put your work up for someone besides your loving husband to critique, but I did it. 
Like a boss.
Being in a creative headspace for so long kind of makes you unrelatable to most people. I mean, there's the "I haven't bathed in about five days" thing, sure, but I was kind of a basketcase when I finally emerged from my den of art. Even a trip to Walmart to see if they carry paint pens was taxing, since it kind of felt that everyone was sort of giving me the side-eye. Later on, I realized it might be because I was wearing two different shoes, but whatever. I am an artiste. 

Now, the next little thing is actually going to be its own separate post because of the cray-cray, but yeah, so this totally happened to me. Three decides to go to the grocery store to buy some food; I'm not allowed to go usually because I inadvertently make him buy more than he intended and for the most part, I'm okay with this since I'm not that big a fan of grocery shopping. I'm sitting in my office, doing some painting, when I get a call from my mother, who's all, "Are you okay??" Of course, I'm confused, but I'm like, "Yeah?" She asks me where Three is in this wary voice and doesn't believe me when I tell her. And then comes the bombshell: apparently, she'd gotten a Facebook message from him, saying that he and I were through because he caught me in bed with another man. 
Naturally, I'm a little, "Huh?" I call Three up after promising to explain to my mom whenever I figure out what's going on, and both of us (he is on the other line with another friend of ours who had gotten a similar message) are kind of flabbergasted. Long story short, a guy that knew Three from his hometown got mad at him and chose to retaliate using a fake Facebook account to harass my friends and family (since Three doesn't really use Facebook) and oh, yeah, also send death threats. We spend the next few days on the phone with law enforcement from both our state and the state where the other guy lives, and by the end of it all, we're both wishing that we had never signed up for Facebook ever (except then I'd miss my Candy Crush Saga and Threads of Mystery addictions).

Thankfully, everything with that story is resolved (mostly), although I'm still dealing with the lingering feelings of rage and pity, which, like I said, I'll get into on another post. For now, I'm going to get back to writing (including the completion of the Thirty Day Challenge that I basically said hahahafuckyou to, which ... sorry, I'm kinda bad with follow-through on some things) and I might even throw in a nice bout of exercise, since it is absolutely gorgeous out. 

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