Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Thirty Days of Buffy, Day 29: Episode I Hate the Everyone Else Loves

I'm basing this on the time that Buffy fans were given the option to rank their favorite episodes back when Logo had a fan favorite marathon, and I found myself a little aghast at their choices. Number 24 was "Grave," which just left me thinking, "Whaziwhaaa?"

I mean, I've already made it quite clear that I really hated the Dark Willow storyline because it just reinforced stereotypes about lesbian characters and because magic as a euphemism for drug use was just so eyeroll-worthy that I nearly gave up on the series when Whedon and Co. decided to go there. Plus, Giles magically overwhelming Willow with humanity (Huh? What? How ... you know what? Whatever.) so Xander's little "Yellow Crayon Willow" speech could reach her was such a deus ex machina that I actually screamed at the television. Then, there's Buffy's "I want to show you the world" comment to Dawn had me reaching for the remote. Really? Buffy's entire arc of hating the world because she was in heaven is going to come back to this? Why didn't they just stick her on a magic fucking carpet and give her a genie lamp? GOD.

How is this supposedly a fan favorite? Like, I realllllllly want to know. It was the culmination of lazy storywriting that just continued into the next season, which we all know is just rife with that kind of shit. This does really have me questioning Buffy fandom because ew. HATE this episode.
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