Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Hahahahaha job searching hahahahaha

When I was sixteen, I got a job at a Sam Goody/Suncoast (remember those??). It was probably the easiest thing I had done up until that point. I simply walked in, asked for an application, was interviewed that same day, and then was offered the job the next. The assistant manager told me that she had decided to hire me when I, a young teenager, used the phrase, "a plethora" correctly. Training was ridiculously quick, although to be fair, the process of alphabetizing movies and CDs wasn't too difficult and cash registers didn't have all the bells and whistles way back when. I got all the hours I wanted, and because I was sixteen with, you know, school and everything, it was never more than I could handle. I absolutely loved it.

Fast forward over ten years: it is nearly imfuckingpossible to find any damned thing. Even a few years ago, it took me seven months to find a job, and that was at the Department of Human Services, a three year period about which I have a hard time remembering any good things. I've only been in Louisville for a little over a month, and I think I've sent in at least fifteen applications to various places. It's not that there isn't a lot out there; there totally is ... at fast food places, Walmart, Kroger, restaurants. And there's nothing wrong with those sorts of jobs. I admire anyone who still goes to work at a place that values them little more than simple numbers to add to there employee pool. Hell, I've waited tables, filled up merchandise, and dealt with ungrateful customers for most of my adult life. That's why I don't really want to go back there again. It's not that I won't; I mean, I applied for a job at a bookstore, for crying out loud. But I'm hoping for something more, at least in the interim before I delve fully into what I really want to do: write stories and draw comics.

Here's the thing: I have had absolutely zero bites. At least with my last job, I got a quick response. I would have been glad with a simple, "Thank you for your application, but we are not currently choosing to pursue you as a hire" from any of the places I've tried. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do, and I'm extremely lucky that Three's job pays as well as it does and that our rent and bills are taken care of. I have time to look. Not everyone has that luxury. We're not exactly jumping into vats of gold coins, but I don't have to worry about where my next meal is coming from or if we're going to be able to pay rent.

This week, my plan is to continue my obviously futile search to find employment. I've got the mall less than a fifteen minute walk from my apartment, and there are plenty of retail places over there. I mean, I could work at the Piercing Pagoda, you guys. That was actually kind of a dream of mine when I was a teenager. Now, not so much, but hey, I'll take what I can get. There's also a GameStop, which would be pretty keen, since I'm woefully behind on my video gaming. Actually, when I look at that, I wonder if working at a place that can feed my addiction is such a good idea. Oh, well, I'm still going to apply. Who knows? Maybe the employee discount is awesome.
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