Monday, August 11, 2014

31 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge, Day 11: Favorite Season One Scene

Of all of the seasons, the first season for me is the most rewatchable. The desperation with the dire situation of complete extinction is offset with this underlying hope that doesn't necessarily exist throughout the rest of the series, at least until the end. There are moments of genuine joy this season; the other four seasons - plus the webisodes, Razor, and The Plan - contain elements of this, but they are instead more bittersweet in feel, which is fairly accurate considering the shit that the entire human race has to deal with throughout Battlestar Galactica.

Considering that, my favorite scene is from the episode, "You Can't Go Home Again." Adama and Lee have spearheaded a search for Starbuck, whose Viper was destroyed after an attack from a Raider unit. She ultimately crashed on the moon of a gas giant and, because her ship isn't space or air worthy, she fixes up a downed Raider (the one that she had shot down earlier in the previous episode, "Act of Contrition") and then flies it up and away. In the meantime, President Roslin has convinced Adama that continuing the search for Starbuck is endangering the fleet and is preparing to jump away. However, a Cylon Raider shows up on dradis, and it will arrive on top of them well before they can complete the jump with the rest of the fleet. Unaware that Starbuck is piloting the Raider, Lee engages, although even he admits that this "bastard is good." Like a scene from Top Gun, the Raider then gets into formation with Lee, revealing this above his head:

The sheer exuberance of Lee's "hahaa!" in addition to the cheers of the crew back on Galactica, is what really sealed the deal for me. Everyone is relieved that no one was left behind, a theme that is revisited in later seasons (with much less happiness, of course). The beauty of the moment is one that I try to remember as things just flush down the tubes.

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