Wednesday, August 13, 2014

31 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge, Day 13: Favorite Season 3 Scene

Season Three is probably my least favorite of all of Battlestar Galactica, and a big part of that is because of how depressing it is. I can't expect that television shows constantly deliver me happy feelings, but damn, this season was rough. From the Death Squad in "Collaborators" to Starbuck's apparent death in "Maelstrom," I had a hard time pressing through to the finale, "Crossroads," in which I found my favorite scene, or rather, my favorite sequence of scenes.

We'd been teased with the identities of the Final Five early on in the season, and I'll admit I was stupidly eager to figure out who they were. So when Tigh, Anders, Tory, and Tyrol started hearing "All Along the Watchtower," I got this little tickle in my stomach as the episode went on. I mean, I'd already put two and two together because, well, it wasn't really that subtle. Watching as the music swelled and the four were just following the music only they heard, I felt my heart swell a bit, knowing that they would all have exceptionally emotional responses to the reveal I knew was coming: that they were Cylons. Of course, Tigh's response - "Whoooaa." - was my favorite, but they were all pretty realistic, considering the characters. When they all choose to return to their posts - Tigh at Adama's right hand and Tory at Roslin's, Anders as a pilot, and the Chief on the deck - their true characters really shine. God, such a good scene.

Sorry for the short entry, but I am completely exhausted today. Tune in tomorrow, though, for my favorite scene from Season Four!

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