Sunday, August 24, 2014

31 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge, Day 24: Favorite Canon Pairing

Dee and Billy
From the second that Billy looked at Dee in the miniseries, I squeed. His infatuation with her is obvious and awkward and totally believable. Being a somewhat more confident person than Billy, Dee doesn't necessarily reject him at first; she seems intrigued and amused, simultaneously. She does, however, put a lot of space between them for a bit. I actually cheered when they went on a date in that observatory overlooking wide open space, even though Billy was doing some recon for Roslin at the time.
They made so much more sense that Dee and Lee. Maybe it was that Kandyse* McClure and Paul Campbell had more chemistry than McClure and Jamie Bamber did, but the Dee/Lee relationship seemed so contrived and out of the blue. Suddenly, they're training together, and she's all turned on by his muscles? Sure, Lee was probably looking for some way to get over Kara Thrace (and apparently his dead girlfriend in "Black Market," which I am still baffled by to this day), and even Dee recognized that her relationship with Lee was on a time clock. But she deserved so much better; she deserved Billy. What hurts even more is that Dee doesn't seem to completely mourn his loss and resumes her romance with Lee pretty quickly. I'm not saying that, if she'd truly moved on, she couldn't start something new, but it was so abrupt that it painted Dualla as heartless, which was something she definitely wasn't.

In the end - if Billy hadn't actually died - she would have been happier in the long run if she'd made the decision to stick with Keikeya. Perhaps her suicide wouldn't have occurred. Perhaps she wouldn't have been promoted to what appeared to be the XO of the Pegasus, and therefore not have been able to convince Lee to follow Adama to rescue the refugees on New Caprica. Perhaps she wouldn't have felt the sting of jealousy when she saw Starbuck and Apollo reunite in "Unfinished Business." It just seems like her character development stops when she gets with Lee. She becomes his conscience as well as his tool to get back at Kara.

But who knows, right? I'll just have to hold onto the above image, where both were alive and happy. Maybe they reunited in the afterlife.

* I remember reading somewhere that the spelling of her name was actually the more traditional "Candice," but that she started spelling it "Kandyse" as a joke that just happened to stick. Does anybody remember hearing anything like that, too?

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