Thursday, August 28, 2014

31 Day Battlestar Galactica Challenge, Day 28: Favorite Ship

In Season Two's "Flight of the Phoenix," Chief Tyrol throws himself into the construction of a new fighter, something that nearly everyone thinks is a waste of time. He works on it alone for the first part of the episode, ignoring the naysayers and generally just trying to distract himself from all he's lost since the beginning of the series. Caprica-Eight appearing aboard the Galactica isn't helping matters, feelings which erupt while getting into a fist fight with Helo, to whom Tyrol admits isn't even about him and Caprica-Eight's relationship/love child. Despite everyone's initial reluctance to join in on the construction of this new fighter, it seems like nearly the entire main cast has decided to help Tyrol, even Starbuck and Dee. In a show of friendship, Helo returns to give them the idea to fashion the exterior of the fighter with carbon-based shit (there's a technical term here, but I don't remember it), which enables it to be a stealth ship.
Blackbird from "Flight of the Phoenix"
Basically, everybody comes to together, uniting in a seemingly meaningless task, to create one of the best constructions to come out of the fleet in years. In what is arguably the sweetest scene in the whole series, the crew reveals the Blackbird to President Roslin, who is surprised to see that the ship has been given her name: the Laura. I was wiping away tears and cursing the show for making me have feelings.

This ship is what allows Kara to get close-up shots of the resurrection ship a few episodes later, an act for which she is promoted by Admiral Cain (even though it was against orders, but whatevs, it's Starbuck; she does what she wants), because of the carbon composite coating, making it invisible to radar. It even has FTL capabilities, which no other Viper has, which proves that it is even more valuable than initially predicted. Sadly, the ship is destroyed in the battle to destroy the resurrection ship, so we don't ever see it again. It's hard for me to believe that, particularly with Pegasus' Viper factory, no one thought that they would need to make another Blackbird. I mean, they've got the supplies and building space available, and it's obvious that this is an incredibly valuable tool in their fight against the Cylons. Alas, all we ever get to see of the Blackbird after it blows up is whenever we're looking at "previously" sequences discussing Lee's sudden onset of depression and self-loathing. Sigh.

RIP, Blackbird.

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