Monday, August 18, 2014

Dear Sister Person Book Club

After reading Courtney Milan's The Governess Affair, I went into read-all-the-romances mode. I even went to get a library card for the specific purpose of checking out romance novels*, and I brought home a decent stash for two weeks, one of which was Beth Ciotta's Her Sky Cowboy. When I posted it on my Facebook page (shameless promotion, I know), my sister immediately responded with, "OMG I WANT TO READ THIS WITH YOU."

And thus comes my new feature: Dear Sister Person Book Club. Basically, my sister and I read a book and then write reviews to each other: I post mine here, she posts hers on her blog, and then we link to each other. Voila! I think we, at least initially, decided it was going to be romances, but I might have been able to convince her that we should do other books, too. At least, that's what happened in my head. I should probably make sure that this is the arrangement. 

Anyway, we're going to do two of these per month, on the first and third Thursdays, and, as you probably guessed, our maiden voyage is going to be Her Sky Cowboy, to be reviewed on September 4th. I'm not quite sure if our second is going to be the sequel, His Clockwork Canary, but I have already placed a special request with the Louisville library to send me a copy of the book to the branch closest to me. You know, just in case. 

* Okay, I also checked out Jay Lake's (rest in peace, my friend) Pinion, John Robert Marlow's Nano, and John Le Carre's Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, but whatever. I have other interests. 
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