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The Pull List for October 1, 2014

Well, I think it's about time I tried something different. Instead of doing one monthly compilation of what comics I'm going to read (and you should, too!), I will be posting each week. It'll actually give me a chance to delve deeper into the books, not just list them with bullet points. As another check mark in the positive column, you'll know when they're coming out! Win/win, right? The weekly reviews on Mondays are going to continue, as well, so don't think I'm punking out there.

So here we go ...

Via DC Comics
Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #5 (DC) - This is a title that I don't plan on buying, but shit, is it fun to read on my lunch break. The corny dialogue ("Well, if you remember your Ancient Roman history, my dear Robin ...") and goofy plots are 100% necessary, and the series never takes itself seriously, which is pretty much required when you channel 1960s Batman. I enjoy the hell out of the plain Batman '66, but the addition of the Green Hornet and Kato are really what makes it shine.

Bob's Burgers #1 (Dynamite - 2nd printing) - Okay, I have to admit that I was skeptical about this one. Kind of like the show, the comic version is a little hit-or-miss, but it's enough that I purchased the second issue last week (Tina's Battlestar Galac-Tina was the best part, in my humble opinion). It sold out ridiculously fast and will most likely have the same thing occur this printing.

Black Widow #11 (Marvel) - I was incredibly skeptical when I picked up the ninth issue of Black Widow a couple of months ago. Phil Noto is an incredible artist, so naturally, I was drawn by his work, but I actually found myself very invested in Natasha's story and past. It also makes me wonder why in the hell there isn't a Black Widow movie planned yet (unless there is, and I will be stupidly happy). I'll probably just end up buying this in trade paperback since I haven't purchased any single issues yet. Yay, less money from my paycheck.

Cloaks #2 (Boom!) - There are only four issues of Cloaks, and I have literally no idea how Caleb Monroe (writer) is going to finish a story that just seems to be barely started. I was pleasantly surprised with Genius' short, yet effective narrative, so I'm hoping that this is just as satisfying. Although I find the modernized Robin Hood angle to be a little tired, this limited-run series seems promising otherwise.
Via Marvel Wiki
Edge of Spider-Verse #4 (Marvel) - I will be the first to say that I absolutely loved the second installment of the Edge of Spider-Verse, where Gwen Stacy was actually the masked hero (and played in a band called the Mary Janes, natch). The third issue was not at all interesting to me, but this one? I'm not really a horror fan, but I'm going to at least check this out. It has a really lovely pulpy aura about it.

The Flash: Season Zero #1 (DC) - Since I'm going to watch The Flash on CW, I figured I'd take their advice and read the comic about how Barry became the titular superhero. There's really not much more to why I'm adding this to my pull list for the time being. We'll see how it goes.

God Hates Astronauts #2 (Image) - "With an army of space crabs about to launch, we take a second to look back and reflect on why those darn space crabs are so crabby! CRABS!" Well played, Image. Well played. But in all seriousness - if that can be said about this title at all - I knew going in that God Hates Astronauts was going to be ridiculous, although I can say that I was surprised to find that a character gave his chicken a human body so their love could be recognized by society.
Via The Mary Sue
Gotham Academy #1 (DC) - You know, I've never really been that big of a fan of the Batman franchise. I thought it was just a little overwrought, and unlike Batman '66, took itself way too seriously for me to be able to enjoy it. After watching the first two episodes of Gotham, I can't say that I disagree with myself on this, but Gotham Academy caught my eye with its art and concept. Any teen drama that's set in Gotham has to be at least a little bizarre.

Green Lantern #35 (DC) - I'm going out on a limb here with the Lanterns titles. Apparently, they're all tied into New Gods: Godhead (below), a one-shot, for an entire month (yay, another fucking "event"), and Green Lantern is Part One in the saga. I'm not too sure if I'll care enough to read the rest of them (Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, Red Lanterns, and Sinestro), but hey, I'll give it a shot.

Guardians 3000 #1 (Marvel) - Since everybody is apparently jumping on the Guardians of the Galaxy bandwagon, what the hell, I'll hop in. This title focuses on the original members of the Guardians (sorry, no Star-Lord or Rocket Raccoon), and nope, I have no idea who any of them are. That actually makes me want to read it a bit more, since seeing the same faces over and over and over again gets really tiring. Surprise me, Marvel!

Men of Wrath #1 (Icon) - Oh, thank God, a story set in the South that isn't about zombies. At least, I don't think this is. I've been wrong before. Anyway, I absolutely love the TV show Justified, and this comic seems to have the same thematic feel to it, only the main character isn't a U.S. Marshall and is instead a hit man. I'm curious about this book more than anything, so there's an equal chance that it will or will not show up on my pull list next month.
Via Vertigo
The Names #2 (Vertigo) - One: the main character is a female and a person of color. Two: she is badass, determined, intelligent, sexual, and highly expressive of her emotions, something that does not paint her as weak in any way, shape, or form. Three: the art is beautiful, as is pretty much par with most Vertigo titles (I almost bought the newest Sandman issue because of the cover art), but there's an edge to it that keeps it interesting. I believe this is probably one of the strongest titles of this year.

New Gods: Godhead #1 (DC - one-shot) - Like I said above with Green Lanterns, I'm trying this out. I have a love-hate relationship with both DC's and Marvel's universes, where characters and storylines often have effects on the others. It's obviously a marketing ploy, and I'm meant to spent my hard-earned dollars to make sure that I stay on top of the story. But at the same time, I like the thought that goes behind such things. There are lots of balls in the air, and in order to keep people from saying, "Oh, you know what? Fuck you, I'm only reading indie comics from now on," the publisher has to maintain at least a modicum of artistic integrity*. I'm both hoping that this is awesome and that it fails, because dear God, didn't you just finish that dumb Future's End one-shot event last month???

Rat Queens #8 (Image) - Now, I won't be buying this one because, like several titles that I frequently list, I buy the trade paperbacks for future reading. My cats are just too damn destructive to allow for too many single issues (my Ms. Marvel #7 has a rumpled back cover now - fuck you, Bitsy). Anyway, this series just keeps getting better and better, and each character is fleshing out nicely. I care deeply about the relationships between these women, which is, in my opinion, one of the strongest aspects of Rat Queens. If you haven't already started with the book, just go ahead and pick up the first paperback at your local comic store. It's well worth the $9.99 you'll spend.
Via Comic Vine
Thor #1 (Marvel) - You know what? I'm ridiculously excited about this book. Giddily so, if you will. It pleases me that she's not being called She-Thor or Thorette or Lady Thor; she's just Thor. I'm feeling kind of torn about which cover I want: of course, Fiona Staples' version is gorgeous, Esad Ribic's is perfect in its execution, and Sara Pichelli's looks kickass; but I actually like the regular cover by Russell Dauterman. I really can't afford to buy them all. Le sigh.

Wonder Woman #34 (DC) - I'm trying to give myself a reason to continue to read this series, but in truth, it is getting close to boring the hell outta me, which is really sad because I love Diana so damn much. I have a tattoo of her on my side, for God's sake. Cliff Chang's art is great, but the story is not really my favorite. Wonder Woman is kind of where Batwoman is with me right now: I'm going to continue to give it a solid chance to keep me as a reader, but I'm not really holding my breath. For very long, at least.

The Woods #6 (Boom! Studios) - So the link over there is to the fifth issue because, as of right now, there is no link to the sixth. Sorry? Um, anyway, one of my friends who was a big reader of Trees is also not the best with remembering titles, so when she highly recommended The Woods (while thinking it was Trees, remember) and mentioned the basic plot, I was very confused when I picked up the fourth issue. But then again, it turns out that I actually prefer The Woods over Trees, so her mistake is my gain. The flashbacks were a little disconcerting at first, but now that I've gotten used to them, I love the characters and the basic premise of a whole shitload of teenagers being stranded on an alien world. The Woods is going to be another paperback buy for sure.

Alrighty, that's it for October 1st! Be sure to check in next Tuesday for what this lady will be pulling to read.

* Yeah, I know, it's a stretch, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt here.
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