Monday, September 1, 2014

The day after ...

Well, I guess it's back to your regularly scheduled programming? In that, there is none? I don't know. I am exceptionally tired today and kind of have this weird sense that I'm not totally aware of what's going on. There's so much to do - laundering clothes, cleaning the house, drawing, writing, exercising, designing, planning my next challenge*, working ... this list just keeps getting longer and longer.

At least I'm not bored? 

Anyway, Life with Pets went on hiatus during August because of my Battlestar Galactica challenge, but it'll be picking back up this Friday with the much-anticipated (and much delayed - I'm sorry!) guest post by the Husfriend himself, Three. :) If you'd like to do your own Life with Pets one-act play, feel free to send me what you got (email:! I'm also adding a bunch more artwork and photographs done by me** over the next couple of weeks (this past month has been ridic busy, and I have a ton of photos to share), in addition to starting the new bi-monthly Dear Sister Person Book Club, and continuing the Pull List

Blah, I hate how this is just an info post, but you know what? I am dead tired, so I think I'm going to spend today doing nothing but reading comics. Because I'm an adult and can do so.

* In case you were wondering - or if you didn't already click on the Challenges page - my next challenge is going to be in November, in honor of N7 day: the Mass Effect trilogy! 
** I'm actually considering starting a new Tumblr, but ugghhhhhhhhh, TUMBLR. 
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