Wednesday, October 22, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Trilogy Challenge + Updates

Via The Vanishing Blog

I really am a total nerd, something that I've touched on a few times. I've now done two challenges on really geeky things (Buffy and Battlestar Galactica), and I am one hundred percent okay with this. And to continue on my path to Complete Nerd-dom, I bring you the Mass Effect challenge for this November. For those of you not in The Know, November 7th is N7 Day, referencing Commander Shepard's vocational code (N7 - special forces with the highest level of proficiency) within the Alliance military. What? I told you I was a fucking nerd.

Also, just to keep you guys in the loop, during November, Life with Pets will again be on hiatus so I can focus on not only the challenge, but also Thanksgiving, my anniversary (four years, bitches!!), and Sister Person's birthday. The Pull List will probably continue as planned, although I may end up doing less reviews in November; I haven't made up my mind yet. And just in case you were worried, Sister Person and I will still be doing our Book Club, but we're cutting it to just one review for the months of November and December.

Anyway, as far as the Mass Effect challenge goes, here's what I'll be covering:

Day 1: Favorite Game of the Series
Day 2: Male or Female Shepard?
Day 3: Favorite Class
Day 4: Paragon or Renegade?
Day 5: Favorite Character
Day 6: Favorite Male Team Member
Day 7: Favorite Female Team Member
Day 8: Least Favorite Team Member
Day 9: Favorite Romance
Day 10: Least Favorite Romance
Day 11: Favorite Alien Species
Day 12: Favorite NPC
Day 13: Favorite Storyline Mission
Day 14: Favorite Loyalty Mission
Day 15: Favorite Side Mission
Day 16: Favorite DLC
Day 17: Worst Mission/Loyalty Quest/Side Mission/DLC
Day 18: Best Protagonist (NPC)
Day 19: Best Antagonist
Day 20: Best Part of the Games
Day 21: Worst Part of the Games
Day 22: Hardest Part of the Games
Day 23: Saddest Moment in the Games
Day 24: Opinion on the Genophage?
Day 25: Opinion on the Quarian/Geth Conflict?
Day 26: Place I Would Most Like to Visit
Day 27: Favorite OST Track
Day 28: Destroy, Control, or Synthesis?
Day 29: What Would I Like to See Next? (DLC, Books, Spin Off, Nothing, etc.)
Day 30: Overall Opinion on the Mass Effect Trilogy

Shit, this is going to be a busy month.
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