Friday, October 31, 2014

To NaNo or Not to Nano ...

I do this literally every year around two or three days before the beginning of National Novel Writing Month, an internal dialgoue that goes something like the following:
Me #1: Self, you really should try doing NaNoWriMo again.
Me #2: Seriously? This shit again? We fail. EVERY. YEAR.
Me #1: But that's because we don't have a game plan! If we came up with an itinerary ...
Me #2: Why do you sound like my mom?
Me #1: Hey, she has good qualities. Time management!
Me #2: We have a thing we call Mom Time. As in, "So is it 15 real minutes, or on Mom Time?"
Me #1: I still think we should do NaNo.
Me #2: Okay, I'm going to reenact our NaNo involvement since 2009 in a three act play. Act One: WHEEE TOTALLY DOING THIS!! Act Two: Ugh, starting to run out of steam. I'll catch up this weekend! Act Three: Fuck, I only have 20,000 words and tomorrow is December 1st. Oh, well, there's always next year!
Me #1: ... That ... is not ... entirely ... inaccurate. [pause] But we should totally do it.
Me #2: Fuck you. But ... maybe. I'll think about it. 
This year, though, I'm firmly in Me #2's Camp o' NaNo Apathy. I'll cheer on as many people as I can, but I'm going to sit 2014 out. Instead, I'll be doing the Mass Effect challenge, finishing up my Halloween paintings (by the way, my costume and the winner will be announced later on today on my Instagram!), completing my sister's birthday present (it's a tattoo design), celebrating Thanksgiving and my anniversary (why, oh, why, are Novembers so jam-packed??), and starting a new project that I'll be updating you guys on soon.

Oh! And before I forget, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Alright, off to work! I hope to amuse as many people as possible on my journey.
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