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30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 3: Favorite Class

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I am apparently in the extreme minority here, as shown by the statistics (who had the task of getting these? JESUS): only five percent of players were engineers, but that was the particular class that I found the most enjoyable. My playing style has never been the Rush to the Conflict and Go Nuts type - that tends to be Three's strategy - so the engineer matched with me pretty well.

In the first game, it was always awesome when you were down on a planet, exploring and shit, and you found something that you could unlock or decrypt without requiring that you had Tali, Garrus, or Kaiden with you because you already had those skills. I can't tell you how many times I cursed the screen when I was another class when it told me my decryption or electronics skills were too low, and I was sure as hell not coming back down to the planet with the Mako to get whatever I was just going to sell to the guy in the cargo bay, anyway. It didn't really bother me that I couldn't wear heavy armor, since I rarely ever got into situations where I'd need it (I hid really well), and I seemed to do fairly well with only my little pistol.

ME2 solidified my love of the engineer because I got a fucking combat drone. I adore those little things. And I always specialized in sniper rifles when I boarded the Collector vessel (no matter what class I was) because why would you pick any of the other ones??? Okay, shotguns are actually pretty awesome, but I have such a hard time using them to their fullest capacity. I'm like a stormtrooper with one, and we all know that's a bad thing.

And then ME3 came along and gave me a sentry turret. Weight capacity be damned, this is the best game to play as an engineer. Overload then incinerate is the best combo ever (tied with a good biotic explosion, of course), and sabotage (which combined with AI hacking from ME2) makes me giggle each time somebody is knocked for a loop when their gun backfires on them. While this doesn't really have anything to do with the single-player game, some of the best characters in the multiplayer were engineers: I kicked ass with the salarian and quarian engineers (preferably female because she had the sentry turret) and the turian Saboteur. I will admit that each class had awesome characters within it, though (all the krogan and batarians, the N7 Fury and Destroyer, the asari vanguard and Justicar, the drell vanguard, and even the little volus adept), but my favorites were to play were engineers.

I'm okay with being in the minority, though. There's a certain hipster-esque aspect to my personality that can say, "Yeah, I played as an engineer. The soldier is just so passe." All joking aside, the engineer provided a certain element of strategy to the game that I didn't feel the other classes had, even though the infiltrator and sentinel came close to meeting it there. The shields weren't as durable and, in the third game, weight capacity would have been an issue if I carried more than two guns ever, but having a strong team backing you was more important than if you were a soldier or vanguard or whatever. Plus, I like to think that Shepard, Garrus, and Tali would geek out on their off time.

I may have thought a little too much about this. *shrug*

And just in case you were wondering, here is my Official Class Rank List:
  1. Engineer - See above.
  2. Vanguard - This is kind of contradictory to my statement that I don't like to just rush into the fray, but the vanguard class is super fun to play, especially when you get to the third game. SCHOOOOOOM KAPOW! (That's what I say whenever I charge. I'm not kidding.)
  3. Infiltrator - The infiltrator and sentinel are tied for the third spot, basically, but the infiltrator has cloaking starting in the third game, which kind of gives it an edge in some situations. I like being sneaky. 
  4. Sentinel - However, the sentinel has tech armor, which is one of my favorite powers ever. Seriously. I loved watching as the tech armor detonated and knocked everybody to the ground. Choosing between infiltrator and sentinel is kind of like Sophie's Choice.
  5. Adept - Usually, I started out as this class once and ended up changing to Vanguard or Sentinel (so it was like my character learned extra skills while she was locked up - what? don't judge me) in ME3. I had one playthrough where I stayed an adept throughout the whole saga, and it was okay, but I found myself wishing I'd chosen differently.
  6. Soldier - Admittedly, I like several of the soldier characters in ME3 multiplayer, but in general, the soldier class is so damn boring. YOU CAN PLAY A GODDAMN VANGUARD WHY WOULD YOU CHOOSE A GENERAL SOLDIER??
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