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30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 5: Favorite Character

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It always amazes people whenever they ask me who my favorite character in the entire Mass Effect saga and I'm able to say, nearly instantaneously, that it is Urdnot Grunt. Every Christmas since ME2, I have asked for a Grunt plushie (no one has gotten me one) and I try to recreate his little evil cackle at odd times during the day. His sheer joy at discovering that he hates turians made me laugh out loud when I first saw that cut scene, and his dismissal after my Shep was like, "Weren't we supposed to calm you by going down and doing that Rite of Passage thing?" was just perfect. "WHAT I THOUGHT YOU WOULD BE HAPPY THAT I HAVE GOALS." He really is pure krogan.

What endeared me so much to his character was that he really was Shepard's kid. She mentored him, scolded him, fought beside him, listened to him, and all the while he was a wayward, if powerful, teenager (for all intents and purposes). Of course he wanted her to be his battlemaster. Even though it seems like Wrex sort of took Grunt under his wing - giving him a commando squad to lead, for example - no one could ever oust Shepard from her place as Grunt's mom. I was a little upset that Grunt didn't become a regular squad member in the third game but understood that he had come into his own and had his own story to live separate from Shepard. It wouldn't have been right to have him join the Normandy crew when he had his own squad to run and that could have been viewed as pandering, I guess. His little email to her (if you are able to save the whole of Arlakh Company during the investigation of rachni rumors) is the best:
THas a goood fight ShUpurd. You cant hear em but I;ve goht ARLlakh co,rnpany chantin SHEPAR SHEPAR your name you know. as we down some ryNCOL to heal my woundS^&!!< ryCNol! Whear are yOu?
See??? THE BEST.

Anyway, when I downloaded the Citadel DLC, I was thrilled that I got to spend some quality time with Grunt (before and after the mission to - spoiler alert - take down my clone).

That is, quite frankly, the most true-to-character scene in the entire series. Of any character. There is an innocence to his personality that belies his truly brutal nature, something that is noted about the krogan species in general. He's very up front about his affinity for violence; when you complete his loyalty mission in ME2, Shepard expresses concern that Grunt might "go rogue" and he responds with a happy, "I'd never stab you in the back, Shepard! Warriors like you and me? Straight to the face." You can't get more honestly blunt than that, and I like blunt. Which rhymes with Grunt. Coincidence??

He's a very effective squad member, too - probably one of the strongest. I can only think of maybe one time that he wasn't included in my final battle team, and I remember it being a much more difficult fight without him. I liked pairing him with Miranda or Thane because of their warp abilities, but really, any other team member would do. He's that awesome. And his battlefield quotes are, not going to lie, a part of my every day conversation:

  • Right on your ass!
  • Little pieces of crap!
  • On the ground, NOW!

He is just that quotable! (I also like Jack's "Hello, dead people!" and Tali's "Go for the optics!")

Since I started playing the series with ME2, I had never gotten to meet Wrex (and thus he was dead at the beginning of the game because Bioware is mean and assumes my Shep killed him), so Grunt was my first introduction to the krogan species, but when I finally went back and played the first game, I appreciated him a little bit more. While Wrex was my favorite character out of the first game, he couldn't compare with my little Grunty-poo. In comparison to Wrex's mature (for a krogan) outlook, Grunt's youth and inexperience was a huge part of what made him so likable: he was a good introduction into his culture, one that even the first game didn't delve into that much. There's a lot of exposition (done well!!!) in his scenes down on Tuchanka, and we were learning about them as much as Grunt was, even with his imprints from Okeer. He was learning about himself, something that every teenager has to go through before he can blossom into an unstoppable warrior.

Anyway, I'm about to go into complete Mom Mode, so I'm just going to stop and leave you with Grunt at Shepard's party in the Citadel DLC. "Salarians have wiggly arms."

Also, I am still waiting for my plushie. 

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