Tuesday, November 11, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 11: Favorite Alien Species

OMG, is this not beautiful??
Via Andrew Ryan
No need to be coy about this one. Seriously, the krogan are quite possibly the best ever. As it's mentioned in the game (by Thane, I think?), there's almost an innocence about them that's admirable. The krogan are the id to the asari superego and the turian ego, where they embrace their violent nature whole-heartedly, and they can't seem to fully understand those who do not, especially the salarians, their uplifters. Some of my favorite scenes in the entire series come from when Wrex (not Wreav, since he's a bit more ... severe about things than Wrex is) shows up on Surkesh to retrieve the females from salarian custody. His remarks about the salarians are hilarious:

  • "I prefer my salarian liver raw."
  • "This is where all you salarians come from, huh? No wonder you're so soft. Too busy writing poetry about waterfalls."
  • "This place just smells wrong."

The krogan have very stark similarities to the current state of the human race: we have a tendency to fight each other over resources, resort to violence when there might be better, more diplomatic paths to take, ready to destroy our planet for short-term glory, revel in self-gratification instead of viewing the group's benefit. Even Bakara admits that these characteristics, although augmented by the hopelessness of the genophage, existed prior to salarian interference. I can only see the krogan as a cautionary tale, kind of like Battlestar Galactica's examination of the effects of near-extinction on humanity. Could we ever reach that point of annihilation? I certainly hope that we can look at their example* and decide that, no, we will take the higher ground.

On a much less serious note, the krogan are my favorite to play in multiplayer. They're so damned tough and, despite their diminished maneuverability and complete lack of subtlety, versatile. The battlemaster is one that I consistently play (not as often as my turian saboteur or salarian engineer, though), but the krogan sentinel and soldier are so much fucking fun. It doesn't hurt that they laugh maniacally and bellow "TUCHANKA!!!" at random times. They're definitely not for newbie players, but once you learn the mechanics of the characters, you can clean up pretty much any enemy post haste. I love it when my entire team is comprised of krogan. There's usually a lot of head banging going on and plenty of competition to kill as many opponents as possible, moreso than if you have a mixed squad. At the hands of an experienced player, a krogan can easily reign over the other classes in kill counts, especially when going up against more difficult opponents (ugh, Collectors, UGH).

Anyway, there you have it. The best species of the entire game series: the fucking krogan. There's actually plenty more that I can say about them, but I'm saving that for later challenge days, so be prepared, loves. See you tomorrow!

* Yeah, it's a video game, but it definitely can serve as inspiration. Ideas like this don't simply exist in the mind of a writer; they have real-world applications and can spur movements, ideologies, and actions. They also reflect the current state of the times. Just look at the themes of various pieces of fiction throughout the ages. They dealt with the issues of the day, examining them and calling them out, if necessary. Literature in all forms is a very valuable part of our society. 
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