Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 16: Favorite DLC

Today's challenge is going to be quite short because, let's face it, I think it's fairly obvious that the Citadel DLC is by far my favorite. I mean, I've mentioned it about a bazillion times so far, and it's only Day 16.
Citadel DLC
Via 2D-X
Is it full of fan service? Yes. Is it silly? Most definitely. Is it a proper send-off to the Mass Effect series? Oh, God, of course, it is. So much of the third game was mired in the reality of a war, a war that was gradually being lost to an overwhelming force. To have a short respite from all the desperation was welcome, as I imagined the characters would have felt. You know, if they were real and everything. I loved having the ability to bring the entire squad along with me (even if I wasn't actually playing with them). Every scene - except Ashley's, oddly (or not so much, I guess) - that I got to spend with my teammates separately was cherished. I really did feel like I'd gotten to know these fictional characters through the countless hours I spent flitting about the galaxy. And the party? It's like Bioware sat down in my brain and answered all of my questions.
  • What's a krogan like when he's drunk? 
  • What's a prothean like when he's drunk?
  • Do Wrex and Grunt get along?
  • Is Samara always uptight?
  • Who would hang out together when they aren't on a mission? What would they talk about*?
  • Will Jack** and Miranda ever get over their issues with each other?
  • Is Shepard really that bad of a dancer?
While it was not the best DLC - that honor goes to Lair of the Shadow Broker from the second game - it is most assuredly my favorite. You know what? I think it may be time to load a saved game.

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* Zaeed and Garrus planning out how to rig Shepard's apartment in case someone else wants to attack her is hilarious and so fitting for both characters. 
** My favorite quote from the whole party is Jack saying, "I still really hate you, but you have fantastic tits." 
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