Sunday, November 9, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 9: Favorite Romance (Male)

Like I said, cute and awkward romances are the theme today. There's just something about people fumbling around, unsure of themselves, as they try to convince you that they like you more than Just Friends but are not quite sure if you feel the same way. And really, this particular romance was the main reason that I went back and played as BroShep.

Tali'Zorah and BroShep
Via Plus 10 Damage
Tali and Shepard's relationship was so freaking cute, I just can't even. Her crush on him is pretty much understood from the first game: I mean, the guy rescued her from thugs, helped her complete her pilgrimage, and then stood up for her in front of her entire society (at least, mine did, since he didn't want to go against her desire to keep her father's name clean). Who wouldn't fall for the guy? But, like Garrus, she was pretty much willing to keep her feelings to herself because of their biological incompatibility. But oh, my God, thankfully, they got together.

"People who ... who just see the helmet can't see my expression, so I have to make clear ... what I'm ... feeling."

GAH, I JUST LOVE IT SO MUCH. And it just gets better in the third game. My only regret is that she doesn't make her return until two-thirds of the game have been completed. Granted, she makes up for it with open flirtation and innuendo. She's so much more comfortable in her own skin, and a great part of that is because of her relationship with Shepard.

"Keelah, Shepard. I'm not going to beg, but I didn't come up here just to see the fish."

Another thing that the Tali romance has in common with the FemShep-Garrus one is that it felt like a real relationship, built on shared experiences and mutual respect. With several of the other options, I kind of seemed like they were simply based on carnal desires: Miranda, Jack, Jacob, Traynor, etc. It's not that I don't think relationships that begin fast can't go anywhere; Three and I got married after knowing each other for less than three months, and we're still together. But the natural progression of Tali's romance with Shepard just felt ... right.

I didn't necessarily enjoy the Citadel DLC scenes with Tali as much as I did with Garrus (I got very uncomfortable when she started singing), but they were still incredibly cute, especially when she teased him about breaking the glass floor at the sushi place she always wanted to visit (even though the food was inedible for her quarian sensitivities).

It was always easier for me to complete the game when I was romancing someone else (well, not Kaidan, but I'm one of those people who didn't find him as annoying as others did, and he was pretty great in the final romance scene with Shepard, if you'd pursued him in the first game) because I didn't really have a head-canon idea of what would come after the Reapers won. But with Garrus and Tali, Shepard was either living comfortably on a beach with her happy little family of Garrus and their adopted krogan or turian orphan, or he and Tali would build a house together on Rannoch, occasionally offering their services as couriers (kinda like Firefly) to keep things interesting. I got so damn emotionally invested in these couples that I basically had to fight with myself to just choose a stupid color* and go with it. And I always got a little choked up when the Normandy comes to pick up the injured Garrus/Tali and they have that final little good-bye.

Ugh, I just cannot. I'm getting a knot in my stomach just thinking about it. See what you've done, Bioware???

But anyway, out of all of the options provided for Shepard, Garrus and Tali gave me the warm fuzzies, and they're a primary reason I go back and replay the games. The other ones had their own appeal, and I can only recall one that I just downright hated (more on that tomorrow): Jack learned to trust, Thane connected with another person again, Miranda let her guard down, Samara realized that she cannot always live selflessly, Javik got to have sex after 50,000 years (yes, it is a real thing, and I guffawed when I saw it actually happen). But I wanted Garrus or Tali to be with Shepard because it just made sense to me.

Okay, I'm going to go watch all the Tali and Garrus romance videos again. I have no shame.

* With Garrus and Tali, I always picked red/destroy because I BELIEVE THAT SHEPARD SURVIVED DAMMIT.
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