Monday, November 24, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 24: Opinion on the Genophage?

It's safe to say that I've given the genophage a lot of thought, given my not-so-understated love of the krogan, and my answer will probably not surprise you. I am surprisingly consistent when it comes to my giant warrior turtles.
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In terms of the current events of the game, I am firmly on the side of the krogan, especially since Wrex is alive and well. To force a species of people to endure the penalty for their ancestors' poor choices is a cruel, unjust punishment, and while I understand the dalatrass' hesitation - or pretty much downright refusal, until brute force is used - to free them from the genophage, her position is a very short-sighted one. (Without Wrex and Bakara's guidance, I would have sided with the salarians, since Wreav and his followers would have used their new found viability to wreak havoc upon the galaxy that doomed them to such a harsh fate.) Even Mordin knew that his and the salarian interference with krogan development was wrong, but the dalatrass was willing to just let them die so as not to possibly repeat history.

Which then brings us to the historical purpose of the genophage. I have a hard time believing that the genophage was the only possible solution to the rebellion. No matter how many simulations are run, there will always be another avenue for resolution. I have the feeling that it was a sort of World War II situation, where the atomic bomb was used to bring about the end of the war, but whether or not it accomplished its goal, it doesn't mean that it was the right thing to do, either in the real world or its fictional Mass Effect equivalent. One could argue the ends justifies the means, but look at the repercussions. The krogan had devolved into even more brutish creatures than they were before, this time with an acidic loathing for salarians and turians - well, pretty much everything, actually - and, as Maelon speculated in Mass Effect 2, an increased krogan population might have left the universe that much more prepared for Saren's invasion with Sovereign. It seems that, too often, those in power look for a quick solution and deem a short-term gain to be worth the long-term loss. And everybody suffers.

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