Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 22: Hardest Part of the Games

I've been pretty honest when it comes to how I play games: if things get too difficult, I will put down the controller and walk away. It's not that I don't appreciate a challenge - and I am quite competitive - but you cannot convince me to spend hours trying to beat the game on legendary or insanity or whatever title the developers on various games went with. With Mass Effect, I did try playing on insanity, but when the damn varren had shields? Nope. Done. And plus, I was playing the game for the story, character development, and friendships/romances, not for its FPS aspects.

Which brings me to the final big mission in Mass Effect 3. Good God, you guys, even on the casual play setting, the whole sequence where you're defending the Thanix missiles is fucking tough. Reaper enemies keep coming, simple cannibals and extra-challenging banshees alike, and you're trying to evade the giant Reaper beam that means instant death if it touches you. Most of the time, I just hold out long enough to trigger the cut scene, which I suppose is a decent strategy - in video game terms, of course, as it probably wouldn't work in real life. No other final battle has me sweating as much as this one does, and I remember fighting Saren in the first game as being exceptionally difficult.

I don't necessarily recall any other truly hard parts of the any of the games, unlike other titles like Halo or Gears of War, or hell, even Super Mario Brothers, if I'm being completely honest, but again, I attribute this to my gaming style. My idea of enjoyment has very little to do with proving to myself or to others that, yes, I can get all the achievements, including completing the game on the hardest level. I've been given shit when I say that I prefer playing them on the mid-tier, since there's enough of a challenge to keep me engaged in gameplay, but not so much that I throw my controller in a fit of rage, which I will admit to doing several times when Three convinced me to try and play co-op with him on Halo: Reach. It's also a big reason as to why I don't really like multiplayer functions on many FPS games. So many people take their ability to push buttons in a certain way to defeat less skilled players waaaaayyyy too seriously, and I end up just rolling my eyes and going back to single-player. With ME3's multiplayer, it's not as bad, since you're playing with other people instead of against them, but it can get really frustrating when you're booted because you want to try a gold level difficulty match but your character hasn't been leveled up enough to meet the requirements of the other players. Granted, I have played a total of one gold match and nearly freaked out because it was so fucking hard, so maybe being kicked back into the lobby was for the best, but damn, guys. Play nice, okay?

Ugh, sorry that this is a little rambly, but I am absolutely exhausted today. I guess that's what little sleep and nothing to eat except a Snickers bar will do to you?

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