Thursday, November 6, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 6: Favorite Male Team Member

"Why shoot something once, when you can shoot it forty-six more times?"
From the get-go, Wrex was one of my favorite characters, so you can imagine my disappointment when I discovered that I wouldn't get to have him on my squad after the first game concluded. It wasn't just that the guy was so complex a character - a krogan battlemaster who, despite his nonchalant approach to killing, was a revolutionary thinker who realized that murder and mayhem would only destroy his people in the long run; he was a damned strong squad member, too, with his biotic and soldier abilities.
Via Gelvuun
He's just universally beneficial. He's tough as nails, has warp, throw, and stasis like Liara, but can also equip heavy armor and has invincibility and regeneration. Why would anyone play with any other character, other than to get those achievements for completing the majority of the game with a certain character?

I'll be honest; I felt cheated when Wrex didn't show up as a squad member in Mass Effect 3. I mean, I had to talk politics with him in the second game, which was disappointing, although he did seem as annoyed about the situation as I was. I understand that they his character arc didn't allow for him to join in the fray. If he'd joined me in ME2, the delicate political situation on Tuchanka might have completely fractured, and if he were to place himself in harm's way and then died* during ME3, the leaderless krogan might have just stayed on their planet, content to wait out the destruction of the rest of the galaxy while they regrouped, with or without Bakara's intervention. But it still sucked. 

And then Uncle Urdnot came out to play in the Citadel DLC. I swear, I cheered when Wrex dive-bombed that shuttle filled with bad guys and then joined the party. Not only does he bring quite a bit of damage to the table, he also got some of the best lines:
Via Cadassh

  • "In the old days, we would have just shot her. Good times."
  • "I've always wanted to [have a firefight in the CIC]! And it's not even my birthday!"
  • "Make it a rule to never fight wearing pajamas."
  • "Krogan first! See ya at the party, princesses!"
  • "Uncle Urdnot is back in town, and he brought the boom!"
  • "Refresh my memory. Didn't we used to win these things back in the old days?"
  • "I'm old and I worry, even though my favorite quarian's all grown up and killing Reapers."
  • "You know what this is? It's a man emergency!"
  • "Trust me. I've been in every position for the past few days."
And then there's this lovely interaction:
GRUNT: Shepard.
WREX: Shepard!
GRUNT: Commander Shepard.
WREX: Shepard, Shepard, Shepard.
SHEPARD: Wrex? Grunt?
GRUNT: Shep-errrrrrrd.
WREX: Shepard.
GRUNT: Shepard?
It was just nice to have him back, you know? It makes me sad that there are people out there (apparently, 64% of players) who never got to experience him past the first game. Sigh.

Having a krogan on your squad period is of benefit, especially when it's an old ass krogan like Wrex. I'm not sure if he's stronger than Grunt overall, but with his biotics (sadly not available in the Citadel DLC; we only get his barrier ability, and I would have gladly traded Carnage or Stimulant Pack for, at the least, Throw), he is that much more formidable. Now only if we can get a game just about Urdnot Wrex. I'd totally play the fuck out of that game.

* This is assuming that I didn't sabotage the genophage cure.
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