Tuesday, November 25, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 25: Opinion on the Geth/Quarian Conflict?

Damn, I really did pick some of the hardest questions for last. Oh, well.
Quarian/Geth Alliance
Via Bioware Forum
Unlike my opinion on the genophage, the conflict between the geth and quarian people can be difficult to really take one side or the other. On one hand, the quarians did try to kill a newly sentient geth populace out of fear, but then on the other, the geth did drive the quarians from their homeworld. Both responses were out of fear of survival, and God knows humans have no room to point fingers there. We've done a lot of unconscionable things in the name of survival.

That being said, however, fuck the quarians. Seriously. They chose to go to war with a technologically superior species when the Reapers were invading the galaxy because ... reasons? If 1) I didn't care about the war assets and, by extension, the final outcome of the game, 2) I didn't care if Tali committed suicide out of grief from seeing her people slaughtered, and 3) most of my Shepards didn't believe in working together despite differences, I totally would have sided with the geth in ME3. The quarians proved themselves to be too rash and short-sighted to be helpful (fuck you, Han'Gerrel), and, if the heretics were dealt with, the geth were consistently willing to fight against the Reapers with all of their might, given that they weren't under Reaper control.

Although my own attitude toward the geth began to change with Legion in ME2, the recordings in the virtual geth construct are really what sealed my opinion on this. Not only did the geth merely defend themselves during the Morning War, they allowed the remaining quarians flee their system because no consensus could be reached on the short or long-term consequences of eliminating an entire species, something the quarians obviously did not even consider at any point. Only after the geth offer an olive branch do the quarians begrudgingly accept their assistance and a tenuous truce is reached, in which the geth are more than willing to help the quarians adapt to life on Rannoch.

In other words, synthetic life > organic life.

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