Monday, November 17, 2014

30 Day Mass Effect Challenge, Day 17: Worst Mission/Loyalty Quest/Side Mission/DLC

At first, I was going to do one of each, but then I got to thinking. Which one do I absolutely loathe playing? I mean, yes, I am annoyed that I have to waste my time aboard the corpse of the Estevanico; I don't enjoy updating Thane every time Talid moves; driving the Mako over all that stupid terrain to get salarian IDs, various resources, the asari matriarch's writings, etc. is mind-numbing. But I shrug and just do them. Because they, for the most part, give me war assets in the end (not the Estevanico one, but whatever - it's a quick mission and those museum people send me a nice email afterward).

Fuck you, Firewalker
Via Padawanmage71
Not so with the Firewalker DLC. Ohhhhh, no. I actually whine whenever I choose to complete them, and you know what? It's not even necessary to the plot to do any of the missions. Three often reminds me, "You know, you could just ... skip Firewalker this time." But the completionist in me opts to ignore him.

God, where to start? Ah! I hate the Hammerhead and was so fucking happy when I found out, via Cortez, that it had probably been destroyed in a Reaper attack. It gets shot, like, two times and then starts smoking. And anytime I needed to pick up supplies, the damn thing was so unwieldy that I just gave up on most. Racing around on that ice planet was purely maddening. Oddly enough, I found myself actually missing the Mako. Secondly, the missions are ... kind of boring. I am all for exploring different stories that don't necessarily pertain to Shepard's goals, but good gravy, Bioware missed the mark on this one. The plight of Dr. Casey and Dr. O'Loy just didn't do it for me, and getting that little orb (that we find out in ME3 was one of the objects the Leviathans used to control people) wasn't nearly the kind of reward I wanted for completing this DLC.

All in all, this DLC just didn't add anything to the game. I expected better from the people who brought me Lair of the Shadow Broker, Kasumi's Stolen Memory, and Zaeed's The Price of Revenge.

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