Monday, December 22, 2014

The Pull List: Captain Marvel #10 Review

Well, it had to happen at one point. Carol Danvers' 100th solo issue was not the amazingness that it could have been, but really, it is fairly difficult to follow the high action and hilarity of the first arc of this Captain Marvel series.

And as (almost) always, no spoilers below the cut!

Via Marvel Comics
This isn't to say that I didn't fully enjoy this issue. The storytelling device that DeConnick used (letters, which I found adorably archaic) wasn't anything that hasn't been done before, but to be told from the various character's perspectives (Kitt, Jessica, and then Rhodey) kept it interesting. My favorite of the letters was from Rhodey* because it showed the deep love and connection that he has with Carol, and I think it was the final impetus for her decision at the end of the issue.

As far as the villain went? Meh. Any plan involving rats is ill-conceived, in my humble opinion, but who am I to tell a violent woman what to do? I mean, I guess the point was that everyone back on Earth was surviving quite well without Carol's presence but that they missed her terribly anyway (as they lived in her Statue of Liberty apartment**), but it all seemed a little silly, considering her recent exploits on her own series and with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I just feel like the last issue or two have seemed like filler episodes before a big event or more dramatic storyline. I'm all for a brief break in crazy action - one of my favorite issues so far is when everybody discovers that Chewie is a Flerken - but I feel like Captain Marvel is turning into another Guardians of the Galaxy, with an ongoing plot for a few issues, only to revert to single one-shot issues for a while. Maybe this is just until the AXIS event is over? Wait, what is Jessica Drew doing hanging out at the SoL? Isn't she supposed to be babysitting the non-Asian-looking Silk in the whole Spider-Verse thing? I don't even know, anymore.

Anyway, the next issue starts in the middle of New York City around Christmas time, which will be released ... in January?

You know what? I'm just going to stop here and go back to saying that, while I really liked the issue because of the obvious closeness - despite the distance - of our intrepid hero to her comrades on Earth, I feel like this issue could have been better or shown an idea of where the series was headed. Because if I start thinking about it too much, I'll just throw up my hands and walk out.

* I think I am the only person in my store that likes her romance with the Iron War Patriot, but I am okay with that.
** I have always kind of had an issue with the fact that Carol lives in the damn Statue of Liberty. Shouldn't Captain America live there? More importantly, the utility bill must be monstrous.
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