Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Pull List for December 10, 2014

This week has so many titles that I'm excited about reading: Thor, Rachel Rising, Bitch Planet, Copperhead, Supreme: Blue Rose, Batgirl ... It's looking like it's going to be an expensive week for me.

Rachel Rising #30
Via Comixology
Rachel Rising #30 (Abstract Studios)
My love for Terry Moore's work is fairly well known, and he is a huge influence of mine as a writer and an artist. I fell in love with Strangers in Paradise years ago, and Echo is one of the only omnibuses that I own of any comic (I have the pocket-sized collections of SiP). And now, Rachel Rising is officially in my top five series. Jet and Earl are my favorites, and the crazy shit the witches are getting into (I've only caught up through the third trade, but the fourth is waiting for me at work and I've already preordered the fifth) is amusing, terrifying, and sad, all at the same time. This is the kind of thing that I expect, and thankfully get, from Terry Moore on a consistent basis.
Avengers & X-Men AXIS #7 Regular Cover
Via Comic Book Resources
Avengers & X-Men AXIS #7 (Marvel)
I am not enjoying this event series at all and am really looking forward to when it's all over. Last week's Inhuman wasn't actually that bad, thankfully, but I am about thisfuckingclose to just dropping this series. AXIS Revolutions is awful, AXIS Carnage is horrid - AXIS Hobgoblin isn't so bad, but I think that's because it's, for the most part, self-contained - and most of the tie-ins just rub me the wrong way. I don't think that I can just power through it, like I did with POP, though. I just don't really care enough, I guess?
Bitch Planet #1 Regular Cover
Via Image Comics
Bitch Planet #1 (Image)
I'm pretty sure that, if Kelly Sue DeConnick were to write anything, I'd buy it simply because she penned it. However, I am a little hesitant to say that I'll love this without a doubt because of the word "exploitation." I get that there are fans of that genre, but I'm not really one of them. Remember my review of The Humans? Hopefully, DeConnick will restore my faith in new Image books, since they've kind of not been doing so well in that area lately.
Thor #3 Regular Cover
Via Marvel Comics
Thor #3 (Marvel)
How much am I loving Jason Aaron's Thor? Enough that I'm not even going to read it until after I buy it and get home after work tomorrow. That is saying a lot. I think I mentioned this last month, too, but I really want to find out Thor's identity. You can only string me along for so long before I get irritated.
Lola XOXO #5 Regular Cover
Via Fresh Comics
Lola XOXO (Aspen Comics)
So this may only be on my pull list for this week, but I absolutely love the artist Siya Oum. I ran across the back issues of this series, and it interested me enough to keep reading about Lola. Granted, a big part of the draw for me is Oum's artwork. She is just so damn talented.
Sex Criminals #9 Regular Cover
Via Image Comics
Sex Criminals #9 (Image)
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Not going to lie, I audibly gasped at the end of the last issue and then teared up. Thankfully, I work with people who are also emotionally invested in this series, so there was no judgment from them. Now I just don't know where they're going to go, and I can only imagine the type of anguish that's going to be represented on the pages of #9. If you aren't reading Sex Criminals, you'd fucking better start.
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