Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Pull List for December 17, 2014

Oh, last week, I thought you were bad. I'm a little worried how things are going to go when I don't work at a comic store next month.

Captain Marvel #10 Regular Cover
Via Marvel Comics
Captain Marvel #10 (Marvel)
ONE. HUNDREDTH. SOLO. ISSUE. I don't think I can express how happy it makes me that Captain Marvel is such a successful title. I know that it's a contracted thing - that Marvel has to publish a Captain Marvel book every so often so they keep the copyright - but I feel like Marvel did everything right with Carol's turn as the character, something they are woefully failing at with Spider-Woman (As an aside, I love how Jessica Drew replaces a grumpy J. Jonah Jameson in this homage cover).
Black Widow #13 Regular Cover
Via Marvel Comics
Black Widow #13 (Marvel)
I'll admit, things got a teensy bit slow there for a bit in the land of Edmondson and Noto, but OMG, if things didn't pick right back up last issue. I've always felt a kinship with Natasha, since she - like Barton - is just a regular human ... an extremely skilled one, obviously, but still a human. And now that she seems truly alone in the world, I'm interested to see how she reacts.
Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Witches #4 Regular Cover
Via Paste Magazine
Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Witches #4 (Archaia)
Even though I was absolutely thrilled with the Yuki-onna story from two months ago, this is the tale that I've been waiting to see. Baba Yaga is involved in such a deliciously Russian/Slavic story, and being Polish myself, I beam with pride at how cool the character is. She is one badass witch you do not want to fuck with because she'll probably eat you, and I kind of hope that they capture the terror of Baba Yaga instead of making her just seem like that weird witch from Disney's The Sword in the Stone* movie. But Archaia has done such a bang-up job with the other three issues that my trepidation is at a minimum.
Strangers in Paradise Kids #2 Regular Cover
Via Terry Moore Art
Strangers in Paradise Kids #2 (Abstract Studio)
So yeah, I 10,000% loved the first issue - I hadn't realized how much I missed seeing new things from Katchoo and Company - and did a little dance when I found out Terry Moore was going to publish another issue. I love how he stays true to the characters from SiP (well, David is a little goofier, but I'll let that pass) without remaining completely faithful to the original story. Dammit, Terry Moore, you are just going to keep taking my money, aren't you?
Spider-Woman #2 Regular Cover
Via Marvel Comics
Spider-Woman #2 (Marvel)
As I suspected, I am still peeved about the first issue of Spider-Woman, but the fiery anger has somewhat subsided. I'm still not going to buy this book, at least not until 1) Greg Land stops sucking and/or 2) this Spider-Verse crossover event is done. Based on the preview, Jessica Drew doesn't, in fact, leave Silk/Cindy Moon to be rescued by the other Spider-babysitters, but I guess Hopeless didn't want her to seem so callous. After all, she was painted as a humorless grump in issue one. /eyeroll
Teen Titans #5 Kevin Wada Variant
Via Kevin Wada's Tumblr
Teen Titans #5 (DC)
This is one of my light and fluffy reads which doesn't usually get the special treatment of a little blurb by yours truly, but look at that cover. Kevin Wada is simply amazing. (Also, be sure to check the link for Death-Defying Dr. Mirage below, because Kevin does that cover, too! Such a busy man.)
The Wicked + The Divine #6 Regular Cover
Via Image Comics
The Wicked + The Divine #6 (Image)
I keep on having the check myself so I don't spoiler anything for anyone who hasn't read last issue, but I make no such promises next month. You have been warned. But OMG WHAT IS GONNA HAPPEN NOW?

Saga, Volume Four Trade Paperback
Via Image Comics
Saga, Volume 4 (Image)
I have been looking forward to this since I finished the third trade, although I have broken down and read the last two issues when they were released (OMG). But now I get to see how they got there! Yay?

* Her name is Mad Madame Mim! My Disney knowledge is rusty, so yeah, I had to go look her up.
Via Author Quest
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