Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Pull List for December 3, 2014

After a lovely Thanksgiving and Black Friday avoidance, I return with the first week of December's Pull List. This month is already looking pretty fucking awesome. 

Low #5
Via Image Comics
Low #5 (Image)
Holy shit, this series has been amazing since the first issue, but with last month's surprise ending, I am ramped up even more than I was before. The art from the get-go has been amazing - enough to rocket Tocchini into my top five favorite comic artists right now - and the underlying optimism in the face of total darkness has spoken to me in ways I never thought I comic could. Can't wait for the trade to come out next year.
Escape from New York #1 Alice Zhang Variant
Via Go Collect
Escape from New York #1 (Boom! Studios)
I absolutely love this movie (and its sequel, Escape from LA, obvs), and I have been enjoying Boom's take on Big Trouble in Little China. And I've missed seeing Kurt Russell, even if it is in cartoon form. What? He's hot, you guys.
Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1 Regular Cover
Via Go Collect
Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1 (Marvel)
Everything about this excites me: Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett are writing, the cover art by Stephanie Hans is gorgeous (I want ... no, need the cover in poster form), Phil Jimenez is doing the interior art, and it's all about Angela, a character I have been hoping would get her own book for a while! Between this, Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Gamora's spring 2015 titles, this may just begin to make up for that horrid Spider-Woman debut.
Inhuman #9 Regular Cover
Via Marvel Comics
Inhuman #9 (Marvel)
I am really hating the AXIS story so much, and it upsets me that Inhuman is affected. Maybe this issue will surprise me and turn out to be good, but I'm halfway tempted to simply stop reading most of the Marvel titles until AXIS is over.
Penny Dora and The Wishing Box #2 Regular Cover
Via Image Comics
Penny Dora and The Wishing Box #2 (Image)
I wasn't as thrilled with the first issue as I'd like to have been, and I attribute it to the sheer amount of narration in it. I think they were trying to evoke the feeling of a kids' show, but it just came off as amateurish. However, it looks like things take a darker turn in the second issue, so I may still give this limited series a shot.

And here's  the rest.

Via Marvel
I never really cared too much about Peggy Carter, but you know what? I'm really hoping her show does really well. I may just pick this up to read on my lunch break, but hey, I may end up liking it enough to purchase it.  
Via Previews World
Jim Henson Hard Cover Slip Case Box Set (Archaia)
Oh, my GOD, how badly do I want this. Alas, it is $59.99, and that's just not something that I can afford right now. Sooooooo, Christmas? Maybe?
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