Monday, January 26, 2015

The Pull List for January 28, 2015

Again, sorry about the lack of reviews, but the limited access I have to comics right now makes it so. I will say that the ones I was able to get - Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues, for example - were excellent, and this week, She-Hulk is *sniffsniff* ending, so it looks like I'll most likely be writing a couple of posts before the end of the month.

Also, the internet - or lack of it, to be more accurate - sucks here. I'm relying on a very crappy wifi, which normally would be fine, but when I need to download pictures and then upload them here, it makes the process that much more difficult. Hopefully, we'll be able to get decent internet installed here in a week or so, but until then, I'm going to be a little light on the pictures.

Definitely To-Buy
She-Hulk #12
Via Comic Book Resources
She-Hulk #12 (Marvel) - Can we just take a moment and weep for She-Hulk? I'll wait. Because I am still so damn sad that this is the final issue. I mean, I get that Soule has so many titles that he's doing now, but waaaahhhh! Maybe they'll pull a Hawkeye and get a whole new team to do it? Because where else am I going to see Kevin Wada's beautiful renditions of Jennifer???
Rachel Rising #31
Via Comic Pull
Rachel Rising #31 (Abstract Studio) - Alright, so despite what last month's issue teased, we did not find out who Rachel's original killer was. I actually huffed when I reached the end. But that didn't mean that I wasn't itching for this issue. Terry Moore, I love you.
Catwoman #38
Via Previews World
Catwoman #38 (DC) - I love the noir feel of the new creative team. A few weeks ago, I read through the first trade of the New 52's Catwoman and was not really that impressed with it, so this change of direction makes me exceptionally happy. Selina is not just a pretty face complete with a leather-clad body; she's a badass mob boss and manages to handle her issues by herself quite well. You keep doing you, Selina.
They're Not Like Us #2
Via Image Comics
They're Not Like Us #2 (Image) - I'm going to be honest; I didn't expect They're Not Like Us to capture me like it did. Having the comic actually begin on the cover was a brilliant idea - I swear I had this idea a year ago! - and it immediately drew me into the story. I like the more realistic approach to X-Men-ish mutants, especially with its slightly more sinister tones. Really looking forward to the second issue.
Thor #4
Via Previews World
Thor #4 (Marvel) - Alright, Aaron, get to identifying the new Thor, okay? Other than that, I am completely loving this new series, and seeing Odinson in the last issue got my heart pumping. I'm not a violent person by any means, but knowing that there's going to be a showdown between two powerful individuals is incredibly exciting. I kind of wonder how effective Odinson is going to be against the new wielder of the hammer - even if he is a god - but who knows? Eeep!

I'll Look At It
  • Inhuman #11 (Marvel) - Yet another series that is in my "trade only" collection. Next month, I'll be compiling these into one category so I won't have to continue to repeat myself about this sort of thing. 
  • Red Lanterns #38 (DC) - Why. Why are all my favorite titles getting canceled? Damn you, DC. Guy Gardner is my favorite Lantern by far, and the Red Lanterns are way more interesting than your dumb green ones. Grump. Well, at least I can pull out the trades and remember the awesome. 
  • Sex Criminals #10 (Image) It's not very often that I laugh out loud when I read a comic, but I did last month. Honestly, Sex Criminals causes me to have outbursts of emotion, from elation to sadness, on a regular basis. Their use of The Wicked and The Divine as a porn parody was brilliant, and this "new" character is quickly becoming one of my favorites. God, I love this series. Can't wait for the next trade!
  • Tomb Raider #12 (Dark Horse) - This is Gail Simone's final issue for this series, so I don't know how long I'll stay with Tomb Raider. Come to think of it, even with Simone as the author, I haven't actually bought an issue in a while, so I may have to put it in my Gone stack.
Slightly Interesting
  • Deathstroke #4 (DC) - You know, I almost filed this into Gone, and if the next issue makes me yawn, it will be placed there next month. However, I am enjoying it enough to where I'll take a look before I ax it. 
  • The Dying and The Dead #1 (Image) - I don't know about this one. I've learned over the past year that Image is hit-or-miss for me; either I absolutely love what they put out, or I completely hate it. I do like the Old West look, though, so I'm hoping that my new shop will stock this first issue. Or maybe I'll hit Image up for their direct service? 
  • Gotham by Midnight #3 (DC) - Yeah, I didn't think that I'd continue after the first issue, and it's not that Gotham by Midnight isn't worth picking up. It didn't grab me like X-Files did back in the day. 
  • Graveyard Shift #2 (of 4) (Image) - Basically, every other story about a guy finding his girl violated, but hey, at least she's a vampire now who can kill him because she's evil ... or something now. Everything about the first issue was flat, and I won't be returning to see if it improves. 
  • Sinestro #9 (DC) - One of my former coworkers had a sincere love for Sinestro, but I just didn't really enjoy this as much as I'd hoped. Oh, well. 
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