Thursday, February 12, 2015

28 Day Bubblegum Crisis Challenge, Day 10: Favorite Secondary or One-Shot Character

Wheeee! I have been looking forward to this particular day because OMG how much do I love this character. If anybody ever gets the idea to do a whole new series around Daley Wong and his awesomeness, I am there.
Via Comic Vine

Daley is quite possibly one of the most competent people within the world of Bubblegum Crisis. He appears to have near-encyclopedic knowledge of boomers and of police procedures and is the guy you go to when things are going to shit. He'll be fabulously quippy but come up with a solution just as quickly with a calm demeanor that makes me wonder why he isn't the chief of police. His interactions with Leon McNichols, his partner in the police department, are mostly hilarious, but there's this overarching sense that he cares deeply about his physical and emotional opposite. I feel like Daley was one of those characters who received a lot more attention than others because he was a pet project of someone high up in the creation chain at Youmex. Even though he doesn't have as much screen time as the Knight Sabers - or even Leon, who can possibly be listed as a main character or as an honorary Knight Saber - his personality just shines through so much that you feel like you actually know him, moreso than, oh, somebody like Linna Yamazaki.

Another biggie with Daley is that he was one of the first openly homosexual characters in anime, and his sexual preference wasn't turned into a punch line. Sure, there was playful banter between Daley and Leon, but it just showed how comfortable with each other they were. Like I said above, he was an exceptionally gifted policeman and diplomat, and oh, yeah, he just happened to sleep with men. It was like an afterthought, just one more aspect to an incredibly complex character, who just got more awesome in the comics (which is where that above image is from - Bubblegum Crisis: Grand Mal is actually a pretty good tie-in comic, believe it or not). I'll be referencing Daley again in about two weeks, so I figure this is probably a good place to end this, or else I will just repeat myself.

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