Friday, February 13, 2015

28 Day Bubblegum Crisis Challenge, Day 13: Favorite Boomer

So I'm going to go into a bit of fan theory here because, well, a lot of the boomers in Bubblegum Crisis are essentially copies of each other beneath the skin (kind of like humans?) and not a single one really stands out to me, except maybe Largo, but I think I've covered him fairly well. Then again, my choice as favorite boomer is Sylia, who as you remember is my favorite main character, but hear me out.

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While I can't find a picture of it, there is a scene in the fifth episode, "Moonlight Rambler," where Sylia seems to hear Mason's voice in her head and she turns to show that her eyes are red like a boomer's. Later on, a resurrected Mason, now calling himself Largo, tells her that they are of the same kind. From what I remember, one of the creators of Bubblegum Crisis explained this with the concept that Sylia and Largo had augmented boomer-style brains, but I still like my theory a little better. It would place Sylia on par, as far as power goes, with Largo and with the advanced sexaroid boomers like Sylvie and Anri.

Then you have to remember that Bubblegum Crisis was based off of Blade Runner*: Sylia might have been a stand-in for Rick Deckard, who is rumored to have been a replicant himself. Both of them made careers out of putting boomers/replicants out of commission and have distinct memories of childhoods that could have been implanted.

The remake's creators kind of ran with the idea that Sylia was the product of boomer experimentation by her father, which resulted in her being mentally unstable and in the creation of her boomer twin, Galatea. Also, Mackie - kind of a useless character, really, in the original - turned out to be an advanced type of boomer, as well, so it gets me thinking that the concept was already well-discussed in notes about the original. Or perhaps they were just inspired by the fan theory that had been posited shortly after the series began. Who knows??

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* In addition, inspiration was taken from Terminator and a relatively unknown movie called Streets of Fire, which was surprisingly good, in my opinion.
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