Thursday, February 19, 2015

28 Day Bubblegum Crisis Challenge, Day 19: Happiest Moment

Even though a lot of sad shit happens within the universe of Bubblegum Crisis, I don't feel like the series is negative. Maybe it's the bright 80s candy colors or the cheery, upbeat music, but it never seems pessimistic, even if an episode ends on a downer, like yesterday's "Tinsel City" or the follow-up episode, "Born to Kill."

That being said, it is ridiculously difficult to find a happy moment, let alone the happiest one. There are little bits that make me laugh or leave me feeling like something good is going to happen eventually, but I can't recall a moment where I generally felt good about the world. So I had to go back and watch the only episode that I remember ending on a happy note: "Scoop Chase."

In the final scene of the episode - which is the last time we'll see any of the Knight Sabers until Bubblegum Crash - Nene meets up with Lisa, who's been trying to get a big scoop* on the activities of Sylia and the gang, and Lisa gives her all the evidence of the Knight Sabers that she had gathered in an envelope, including the original picture of Nene with her broken faceplate. It's a sweet gesture from somebody who'd displayed nothing but animosity toward the vigilante group, which was mainly caused by propaganda and misinformation. Oh, and also because Priss purposefully broke her camera. Lisa now, however, has a newfound appreciation for the role that the Knight Sabers play, not just because of Sylia's earlier conversation with her but because they are no longer an idea but individuals.

And that's really all I have, which is kind of sad. I may have to rewatch the series and do an addendum to this sometime later on.

* Alright, I was a high school student who wanted to become a journalist, and I was fairly ambitious. But really? You want to expose vigilantes? Why? Because your uncle in the chief of the AD Police? Who probably shouldn't be talking about his job to his niece? I mean, the Knight Sabers aren't really talked about because they undermine authority and discussing them with the media is giving them legitimacy in the public eye? I may have thought too much about this.
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