Monday, February 16, 2015

The Pull List for February 18, 2015

Well, Wednesday is the day that my sister departs for South Korea, where she will be teaching English to adorable Korean kids ages 3 - 6, so while I will be purchasing my comics, she will be crossing the Pacific Ocean to begin a new stage of her life. Good luck to you, Sister Person! Send me a Korean skin regimen! Also, don't forget about our book club; you are still due to review Divergent, and we - and by "we," I mean "you" - haven't picked anything for this month!!

Definitely To Buy
Bitch Planet #3
Via Go Collect
Bitch Planet #3 (Image) - Sooooo ... I'm still waiting for the second issue to get to me (sigh, I hate moving), and thusly, I have no idea what I'm getting into here. But I just know it's going to be incredible. Plus, Penny is on the cover!
All-New Captain America #4
Via Marvel Comics
All-New Captain America #4 (Marvel) - For some reason, I have completely forgotten what happened in issue #3 - or did I not read it and made myself believe that I did? - so I should probably go back and read it before I pick up #4 on Wednesday. The series has outperformed my expectations because, let's face it, Captain America started out as a propaganda book. But the Falcon-As-Cap is most definitely becoming one of my favorite characters right now because he refuses to be that sort of symbol. Love. 
All-New Captain America: Fear Him #3
Via Marvel Comics
All-New Captain America: Fear Him #3 (of 4) (Marvel) - I have to admit, when I found out that the writer for this was going to be Dennis Hopeless of the miserable Spider-Woman series reboot, I went in reading the first two issues with a giant ball of salt. Surprisingly, though, Fear Him is pretty awesome. I find myself more irritated with Nomad than anything else, but everything else is solid. This actually gives me hope that, once Javier Rodriguez takes over the art on Spider-Woman, that series may turn out to be excellent. 
Drifter #4
Via Image Comics
Drifter #4 (Image) - Drifter is such a deliciously dark series, and the darker it gets, the more invested I become (unlike with Image's Wytches, which may come off of my pull list once the first arc wraps up). Abram is the perfect POV character, since he literally has as much of a clue about what is going on as the readers do, and things really do seem to be spiraling downward. Eep! How does Image manage to get books like this as consistently as they do??
The Multiversity: Mastermen #1
Via Go Collect
The Multiversity: Mastermen #1 (DC) -I think this may be the first Multiversity that I'm not truly excited about. I mean, I am going to buy it so my collection will be complete, but it just does not interest me as much as, say, Pax Americana or Thunderworld. I was disappointed with the guidebook from last month, but I am looking forward to Ultra Comics. So that's something?
She-Hulk #12
Via Marvel Comics
She-Hulk #12 (Marvel) - OMG, finally. This has been getting delayed and delayed and delayed, and I'm pretty sure I irritate the manager of the store where I get my comics because usually the first thing out of my mouth when I walk through the door is, "Have you heard anything about the final issue of She-Hulk?" It's not like I want it to end! I just want the damn issue!
Storm, Volume 1: Make It Rain
Via Amazon
Storm, Volume 1: Make It Rain TPB (Marvel) - This series is one of the most underrated ones that is being published by Marvel right now, and I really hope that it doesn't go the way of the above (and beloved) She-Hulk. I think I mentioned it before, but I thought that Storm was one of the only titles that dealt with Logan's "death" (because, really? Does anyone actually believe he's gone forever? If Marvel does end up leaving it permanent, I will give them major kudos.) in a believable way that wasn't just a giant memorial to the character, and it's given me a lot of insight on a character I have, until recently, just sort of dismissed. I am infinitely glad that I chose to pick up that first issue.
The Valiant #3
Kindt/Lemire Variant
Via Go Collect
The Valiant #3 (of 4) (Valiant Entertainment) - I didn't feel like the last issue was necessarily as quality as the first issue, but it still kept my interest enough to keep reading this limited series. I'm not really a big fan of how damsel-y Geomancer is (it's partially why I prefer the above variant over the regular cover), but hopefully she'll get that much cooler before the final issue. Don't fail me now, Valiant!

Trade Only
  • Black Widow #15 (Marvel)
  • Ms. Marvel #12 (Marvel)
  • Storm #8 (Marvel)
I'll Read It
Silk #1
Lee Variant
Via Marvel Comics
Silk #1 (Marvel) - I didn't really care for her in Spider-Woman, and quite frankly, I think Spider-Gwen is that much more interesting than Cindy Moon, but I'll give this title a chance. I applaud Marvel for putting out a couple new female-led comics, but I would almost prefer a character that wasn't somehow tied to Spider-Man. One of the things indie comics do so well is creating different universes under the same banner (hi, Image!), without feeling a need to connect them all just so they can do money-making events. Meh, I'm sounding like such a downer here.
Teen Titans #7 (DC) -My enthusiasm for Teen Titans is waning, but that may be because this spring's Convergence has me losing interest in nearly all DC titles except Catwoman. And maybe a few of the brand new books starting in June, like Black Canary. But I'm still going to keep reading this, even if I don't buy it, because it really is really good. Not quite as good as Young Avengers, but hey, that was near perfection. 
The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars #1
McKelvie Variant
Via Go Collect
The Thrilling Adventure Hour Presents: Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars # 1 (of 4) (Image) - Jesus, Image, could you have gone with a longer title? I mean, yes, I know that it's based on the Nerdist podcast, but gahhhh. Anyway, Old West + sci-fi is probably one of my favorite combinations (Cowboy Bebop, Copperhead, and Drifter are all way up there), so I have no doubt that I'll love this. Since it's only four issues, I will probably just buy them all, anyway.

Slightly Interesting
Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 (Marvel) - She-Hulk is the only reason that I'm even leaving this series on my pull list in any capacity. And that's all I really have to say about that. 

Rocket Raccoon #8 (Marvel) - I'm actually a little sad to see this go off of my pull list, but, while I do enjoy reading it, I just don't have as much of an attachment to it as I would have wished. I still hope it does well, however, since Scottie Young's art is such a delight. 
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